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MakiSwap to Unveil Yield Farming Platform on Huobi Eco Chain

The DeFi player Unilayer is unveiling MakiSwap, the foremost Yield Farming Platform and AMM to be hosted on Huobi Eco Chain. Elaborate yield farming choices embedded into certain CEX features, in addition to decentralized exchange will be offered to the platform users. On May 20th, MakiSwap will roll out on Huobi Eco Chain and transform into the backbone of the DeFi environment.

Currently, the Huobi’s blockchain has lured significant positive response in the Asia-Pacific and Asia-China region, providing some of the biggest yields and irresistible DeFi product offerings.

The platform is now looking to capitalize on the huge demand for DeFi across the globe amid the problems faced by other top ventures including Ethereum which is plagued by high transaction charges.

Geo, founder of MakiSwap and Unilayer, said that the platform, centered on the Asian groups, has remained underappreciated. Furthermore, the platform had all the features to contest with best performing platforms such as PancakeSwap, hosted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Ethereum.

“As BSC starts falling out of favour due to its performance issues, we are confident that MakiSwap and Heco will become the new household names of DeFi elsewhere in the world.”

One of the main aspects that make MakiSwap standout from its rivals is the incorporation of CEX features to guarantee better liquidity and additional functions, including stop-loss order and limit order, on the platform. Furthermore, the platform will also offer cross-chain functions.

DAO Maker, in recent times, has explored the manner in which MakiSwap performs in comparison with PancakeSwap. Even though, in terms of valuations, PancakeSwap is way ahead than others with billions invested in the past few months, the distinct platform is speedily advancing. The market cap of MakiSwap is currently $316,000, while PancakeSwap is about $5 billion.

In terms of other indicators, the two stand neck-to-neck. The daily release rate is current 480,000 for MakiSwap and 660,000 for PancakeSwap. With respect to emission burn, MakiSwap stands at 9.38%, in comparison to 0% on PancakeSwap. Farming emissions currently stand at 81% on the unique platform, with PancakeSwap commanding 54.54%.

In case of treasury reward, MakiSwap leads with 9.38% whereas PancakeSwap has only 0%. The data strengthens the claim that the platform could eclipse PancakeSwap.

In recent times, MakiSwap has been funded to the tune of $1.40 million by both institutional and retail investors. The platform is currently supported by well-known platforms such as LD Capital, Kenetic Capital, Polygon Network, NGC Ventures, Momentum 6, DAO Maker, and AU21 Capital.

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