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MapleStory Universe Teams Up with Chainlink to Elevate NFT Gaming Experience

MapleStory Universe, an innovative blockchain gaming ecosystem by Nexon, has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with Chainlink, a leading provider of Web3 infrastructure. This collaboration highlights the integration of Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to enhance fairness and authenticity within the MapleStory Universe’s expansive virtual realm on the Polygon Supernet. This move underscores the evolution of the MapleStory Universe into RX 2.0, a phase driven by blockchain technology, scarcity, and community engagement.

A Multi-Faceted Virtual World:

MapleStory Universe, built on Nexon’s iconic IP, transcends conventional gaming boundaries. Comprising four distinct experiences, it converges to create a holistic virtual universe centered around the MapleStory IP:

MapleStory N: Introducing RX 2.0 with pioneering NFT integrations and limited-quantity item supplies.
MapleStory N Mobile: Seamlessly connecting with the PC version, enabling shared items and characters.
MapleStory N Worlds: A creative sandbox inviting developers to design new realms using familiar characters, items, and maps.
MapleStory N SDK: Empowering developers to craft customized MapleStory-themed experiences, including mobile apps.

The Concept of Rarity and Scarcity:

Central to MapleStory Universe’s vision is a fixed quantity of NFT items that cannot be reproduced, fostering a unique reward experience. This scarcity aligns with the diverse MapleStory experiences curated by creators, contributing to the ecosystem’s depth.

Chainlink VRF: Enhancing Fairness and Impartiality:

The inclusion of Chainlink’s VRF is poised to redefine the acquisition of NFT items within MapleStory Universe. As players embark on their journeys, the assurance of equitable and unbiased item allocation gains prominence. Chainlink VRF ensures a transparent and verifiable item generation process, redefining the mechanics of acquiring coveted items.

A Collaborative Platform for Diverse Creators:

The evolution of MapleStory Universe goes beyond individual contributions, aspiring to become a collaborative platform shaped by diverse creators and contributors. To achieve this, the foundation must embody principles of interoperability, transparency, and integrity. Chainlink VRF emerges as a key player in fulfilling this role.

Embracing a New Era:

Sunyoung Hwang, Production Director of the MapleStory Universe Project, succinctly encapsulates the significance of this partnership. By selecting Chainlink’s blockchain services platform, MapleStory Universe affirms its dedication to decentralization and transparency, ushering in a new era in the realm of virtual worlds.


The partnership between MapleStory Universe and Chainlink marks a pivotal milestone in the evolution of blockchain-based gaming experiences. By integrating Chainlink’s VRF, MapleStory Universe enhances fairness, authenticity, and engagement within its expansive virtual universe. As the collaborative platform continues to thrive, the incorporation of blockchain technology and the principles of transparency set the stage for a transformative era in the world of virtual gaming.

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