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Market Ledger Unveils Single Platform for Crypto Investing & Portfolio Management

Market Ledger, originally named as MoonX, is a cryptocurrency investment and portfolio management tool that combines all of the necessary features in one place. In broad sense, cryptocurrency is difficult and confusing, but it can also be beneficial if you already have the necessary tools to identify fresh investing ideas and keep track of your current holdings and investments.

Since Market Ledger’s latest rebranding and relaunch, the company has introduced a complete package that professional investors can utilize to conserve time and improve their approaches, while also giving information for novices who are just getting started in the cryptocurrency space. To gain maximum returns from open positions, users may personalise their Market Ledger panel so that they get token updates, notifications on popular venture, portfolio management, as well as other market data that they can use to their advantage.

Consider that as a centralized repository for crucial data from many sources such as Poocoin, PancakeSwap, Uniswap, YouTube, Telegram, and CoinMarketCap. Market Ledger plans to include on-demand trading services such as limit buy, stop loss orders, and other similar ones into its platform in the future. Market Ledger will now enable customers to buy cryptocurrency using their credit cards, making it simpler to enroll new customers into the cryptocurrency world.

Market Ledger’s objective is to fundamentally transform the manner in which investors engage with cryptocurrencies overall, and its planned platform is an enhanced version of that purpose in many ways. Market Ledger will facilitate raising funds for projects, and investors can feel sure that the new programmers will be forced to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) with the Market Ledger company.

Furthermore, as an anti-rugpull strategy, Market Ledger will accept token and stablecoin payments from coders in order to guarantee that there are resources to be retrieved in the event that things go wrong with the initiatives that are advertised. Developers may reap the benefits of the launch platform as well, not just via improved investor confidence, but also via Market Ledger’s escrow facilities.

Market Ledger helps programmers with the ability to escrow payment in order to ensure that vendors provide the services specified in their declarations of work. This shields project owners (as well as their investors) against service providers who might otherwise disappear with the cash without providing any assets of value in exchange.

Also, investors may also acquire the Market Ledger token ($ML), which is traded on the PancakeSwap exchange hostedon the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and can be used to trade on the Binance exchange. At its peak, the crypto token’s market capitalization was $4.2 million. In recent times, the team burnt tokens worth $1 million in order to reduce the total amount of tokens in circulation and boost the token’s scarcity.

The project’s program outlines more platform enhancements and also marketing possibilities with YouTubers, media outlets, and other third-party organizations. Since its inception as MoonX and its rebranding as Market Ledger, the venture has achieved a number of significant landmarks, ranging from the collecting of NFTs to its listing on the centralized exchange LBank, among others.

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