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Mastercard Releases NFTs Providing Exclusive Access to Web3 Tools to Five Emerging Musical Artists

Mastercard, a US-based payment company, has launched the Mastercard Music Pass non-fungible token (NFT), which gives exclusive access to material and events from the Mastercard Artist Accelerator starting this month. Mastercard released a statement on Thursday about a new program that will give five up-and-coming musicians from different parts of the world the tools and knowledge they need to use Web3 technologies. This will change the way they make art and improve their chances in the digital market.

Emily Vu, a talented singer from the Mastercard Artist Accelerator program, has joined forces with four other artists from all over the world. LeriQ is a record producer and musician from Nigeria who specializes in R&B and Afrobeats. Manzo is a Latin pop artist from Venezuela, and Athena is an R&B soul singer who went to the BRIT School and lives in London.

The artists at the event were picked for their unique stories, singing styles, and welcoming attitudes. They also come from different backgrounds and have different areas of experience. With a focus on several Southeast Asian nations, including Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, the acceptance of Web3 technologies has seen major growth in the Asia Pacific area.

NFTs are being used by more and more artists and music labels in South Korea. Taiwan was one of the first places to start a music company that works in virtual reality, and the Australian entertainment business has made its own site for NFT music. Julie Nestor, who is the Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing and Communications for Asia Pacific, says that Web3 tools and NFTs give authors more control over their material and more freedom. Also, these tools make it possible for fans to interact with art in new ways.

The Mastercard Artist Accelerator scheme and the Mastercard Music Pass are two ways to use NFTs to reach these two exciting goals while also helping some of the most exciting and diverse new acts. Mastercard hopes that the Web3 journey of Emily Vu and other very talented singers will help connect music fans and artists in the Asia Pacific area. Emily Vu is only 21 years old, but she has already gained a lot of attention for her organic pop music and the way she uses online platforms to push social justice causes. “Whatever Happened, Happened,” the artist’s first song, has been played more than 2.3 million times on Spotify. Her entire online discography has been played millions of times, and there are 1.2 million regular TikTok users who follow her.

Emily Vu says that music has always been a very important part of her life. During her childhood, she learned how to play a number of musical instruments well, and she has always loved playing. I’m excited to see how the Mastercard Artist Accelerator scheme will help me improve my work. This new tool gives me a new way of looking at things, and I’m excited to learn more about Web3 and AI through it. Also, I’m excited to use these new tools to give other people a look at how I come up with ideas.

She also said that it would be a great chance to learn something new. Each artist will start a different journey through one-on-one meetings with teachers. Tushar Apte, an Australian composer, and producer who uses AI in his work and has worked with some of the most famous artists in the industry right now, is one of these mentors. Nifè, a British dancer and content creator, will share her knowledge on how to build an interesting online presence, and Ian Rogers, the Chief Experience Officer of Ledger, will give advice on how to start a digital business.

Artists will learn how to use Web3 devices to make their own unique pieces of music through this course. You will be able to trade NFTs for these songs, and they will be shown live at an exclusive event. Mastercard has helped the music business for a long time by making it easier for artists to connect with their fans. Mastercard was one of the first companies to use Web3 tools to create full experiences. It did this by using its funding of the GRAMMY Awards, the Latin GRAMMY Awards, and the BRIT Awards.

In June of the year before, the company released its first record, “Priceless,” through an innovative relationship that focused on helping and directing new artists. The goal of the Mastercard Artist Accelerator scheme is to give young artists the skills and tools they need to achieve in today’s technology-driven world. Mastercard will use its many years of experience in the music business and its skill at building strong digital networks to make this happen.

The Mastercard Music Pass NFT is being launched right now on the Polygon blockchain. It can be claimed for free until April 30, 2023. When tickets are redeemed, the people who own them will get access to a wide range of exclusive events, training materials, Web3 tools, and Mastercard Artist Accelerator content.

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