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Metallika.Inc Integrates Blockchain to Mining of Natural Resources

There has been an announcement that blockchain technology would be integrated into the mines operated by a worldwide corporation focused on decentralization in mineral mining, known as Metallika Inc. There are a lot of phases and a lot of data involved in mining. Metallika is developing its own utility token in order to make our mining initiatives open to all investors, large or little.

Projects such as the granite one (which is now under development), beach sand mineral one and chrome mineral trade one are all being worked on in conjunction with the firm (discovery stage). Or begin mining operations, each project must complete the first four to five phases of the mining lifecycle. An autonomous organization (DAO) was also set up to promote rapid, reliable and transparent communication amongst the many parties involved in the extraction process.

Mining natural resources is now tokenized with the help of Metallika.Inc, a blockchain-based enterprise driven by the technology. Data about mineral resources will be available to holders of the Metallika tokens. Some of these resources can be mined by these token holders.

The Metallika team’s decentralized autonomous organization is a blockchain-based structure meant to function independently. It follows the smart contract’s rules to the letter. The chain of transaction blocks will include a record of every financial transaction in the DAO, as well as the smart contract’s software rules. Distributed database technology and secure timestamps were used by the team to create a digital ledger of contracts, deeds, and other documents that ensured ownership for all DAO members.

Cloud services are the primary product of the DAO Metallika. The Metallika DAO ensures secure and transparent communication between mining participants and the cloud service providers via the use of a decentralized autonomous organization.

At each step of the cycle, these parties may develop alliances and get capital. Every member of the DAO has full access to IPFS-hosted documentation and may approve or disapprove any documentation that is created during exploration. Mineral-backed digital commodities backend tokens may also be issued by this company.

The Metallika DAO is powered by this utility token. Access to DAO goods and services is guaranteed by the token. On top of that, Metalika DAO and other public blockchain networks like Binance Smart Chain (BSC) or Ethereum may be used to access the token. The team is actively focusing on increasing the amount of public blockchains where the token may be traded.

ERC-20 tokens will make up half of the token supply, while BEP-20 tokens will make up half of the overall supply. On the public blockchain, the first 300 million tokens will be offered for sale (Ethereum and BSC). Once the Metallika DAO is operational, the DAO will have a liquidity pool of tokens. Total token supply on public blockchains will be equal to this figure. Metallika tokens cost one cent each.

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