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Meta’s Horizon Worlds on Mobile: A Bridge to Next-Gen Social Interaction

Meta’s ambitious venture into the metaverse continues to evolve, as the company announces the beta testing phase for Horizon Worlds on mobile devices. This move presents a novel access point to Meta’s virtual reality (VR) social environment, opening up new dimensions of engagement and interaction for users.

Expanding Access through Mobile VR

In a significant development, Meta has extended invitations for individuals to apply and participate in the beta testing of Horizon Worlds on mobile platforms. This innovative approach offers a fresh avenue to experience the VR social environment, leveraging the familiarity of gaming apps. The mobile version allows users to seamlessly control their avatars within the virtual space, enabling interactions with VR players across the platform.

While mobile users enjoy the advantage of avatar mobility, the current iteration of VR avatars lacks lower limbs—a point of ongoing concern. Meta acknowledges the need to refine these aspects to ensure consistent and immersive presentation across different devices.

Horizon Worlds on Mobile: A Pivotal Milestone

The introduction of Horizon Worlds on mobile devices carries profound implications, democratizing access to Meta’s advanced digital environment. This move represents a crucial step towards establishing a foundational space for Meta’s forthcoming endeavors in elevated social interaction.

Meta’s overarching vision revolves around fostering novel avenues of engagement through avatars, ultimately laying the groundwork for a comprehensive metaverse experience. By emulating the dynamics of gaming experiences on mobile platforms, Meta taps into the evolving social behaviors of the next generation. Today’s youth largely embrace online interactions for a multitude of activities, replacing traditional physical meet-ups with digital rendezvous in gaming realms such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox.

Anticipating the future trajectory of this demographic, Meta envisions a natural progression towards diverse sets of activities. In this context, the mobile version of Horizon Worlds could play a pivotal role in guiding users towards immersive and expanded virtual environments, setting the stage for more profound VR interactions.

Synergy with Upcoming Innovations

Meta’s impending launch of the Quest 3 headset adds another layer of significance to the introduction of the Horizon mobile app. As the Quest 3 headset hits the market, the mobile app could undergo a broader rollout, facilitating the convergence of VR enthusiasts and mobile users seeking enhanced participation.

This strategic alignment could act as a catalyst in driving metaverse adoption, even as the concept of the metaverse continues to gain traction and attract pivotal early adopters. The potential for broader acceptance and engagement remains on the horizon, and the introduction of Horizon Worlds on mobile serves as a bridge towards this pivotal next phase.


Meta’s invitation for beta testing of Horizon Worlds on mobile devices underscores the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of social interaction within the metaverse. By merging the gaming-like familiarity of mobile interactions with immersive VR experiences, Meta is poised to cater to the evolving preferences of the next generation. This strategic maneuver not only extends access to its advanced digital environment but also lays the groundwork for a comprehensive metaverse experience. As Meta’s vision comes to fruition, the integration of Horizon Worlds on mobile could serve as a linchpin in driving the transition to more immersive and interconnected virtual realms.

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