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Market NewsJune 30, 2022 by Kelly Cromley

Metaverse Based Real Estate Prices Continue to Surge

Recent study by Chainalysis, a blockchain analytics portal, showed that blockchain-centered virtual real estate values (VRE) increased by 879 percent between September 2019 and March 2022. This study was conducted in expectation of the metaverse’s present and potential usefulness. Investors have already been doubling down on digital products.

The research also found that land values in different metaverse initiatives varied greatly from one another, with the key component that seemed to be the underpinning blockchain on which the metaverse was constructed proving to be the crucial driver.

Chainalysis research teams discovered that people held on to their VRE NFTs for a maximum of 25 percent of the time period the NFT series had been functional in 10 out the of 11 of the metaverse initiatives that they investigated, and in the vast bulk (6 out of 11), they retained it for less than 15 percent of the time. This information was discovered during the course of the investigators’ effort to comprehend the buying and selling behaviors of digital real estate investors.

This would imply that a major portion of real estate investments being made today are for the aim of “flipping,” which refers to the practice of keeping an asset for a short length of time with the intention of selling it rapidly for a gain.

Ethan McMahon, Economist at Chainalysis, “The owners of blockchain-centered virtual real estate (also known as VRE) may reap rewards in the here and now as well as in the future if they choose to do so. At the moment, one of the most important utility cases that is now transforming into the marketing of digital real estate is the capability to organize unique online gatherings and communities. Businesses and individuals are using these digital platforms to put up online galleries that can display films, photographs, NFTs, and interactive items. These galleries may be accessed over the internet.”

McMahon noted, offers input into the external elements that would decide the long-term worth of digital real-estate, that “Because the metaverse has become such a fledgling field, it is impossible to anticipate most of things.” Having said all that, we feel that two factors may well be the rate at which new computer technology is adopted as well as the degree to which augmented reality and virtual reality gadgets are far more interconnected or exclusive.

The Metaverse Standards Forum was established in June 2022 by many well-known technology businesses, including Meta, Microsoft, and Epic Games (MSF). This group’s mission is to develop common standards across all aspects of the metaverse, particularly augmented reality, virtual reality, and three-dimensional technologies. Nvidia, Unity, Sony, and the World Wide Web Consortium are among further well-known companies (W3). It is yet to be known whether these businesses will create out their metaverse(s) in a manner that is fully compatible with existing metaverse initiatives and blockchain technology, but it would pursue rationally that such incorporation would push up the value and need for blockchain-centered real-estate ventures.

In conclusion, McMahon said, “In the not-too-distant future, we envision application cases including renting and leasing, complimentary airdrops of potential Virtual Real-estate NFTs, and probably most crucially, interfaces with virtual reality and augmented reality functions driving this need even further.” When a person is immersed in a digital experience that is more realistic and realistic, the likelihood that ownership centered on NFT will seem tangible to them increases. Therefore, the quicker advancements are made in VR technology, the more probable it is that metaverse land offers will benefit.”

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