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Metaverse Spheroid Universe Plans ChatGPT Integrated AI Avatars for Business Platforms

Spheroid Universe, a future Metaverse that augments the real world everywhere on Earth, has announced the imminent release of artificial intelligence (AI) Avatars that will inhabit the world around us through the use of augmented reality. (AR). This revolutionary innovation will transform multiple business platforms, including e-commerce, retail, advertising, sales, and general customer and consumer interactions, among others.

Spheroid, a pioneer in Web 3.0 technology and the Metaverse in particular develops business tools that investigate the potential of augmented reality technology. The company strives to help businesses become early adopters of cutting-edge technological innovations, such as the imminent AI Avatars.

According to Andrey Almiashev, CEO of Spheroid Universe, “the accessibility and practically limitless potential of AI Avatars that exist in an AR world will accelerate business adoption of the most recent AI and Web 3.0 technologies.” “There is a tremendous opportunity for our new AI Avatars to be used in customer-facing scenarios, such as sales offices and retail environments.

They will assist brands in repositioning themselves as early adopters and forward-thinking, with an awareness of how technology is reshaping our future, by creating a distinctive and enduring consumer experience. We have integrated the ever-popular ChatGPT platform into our AI Avatar product in order to enhance human communication and interaction. This is an exciting time for AI and augmented reality, as the lines between technology and reality continue to blur.”

By integrating the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT into its Avatars, Spheroid guarantees the smoothest interactions with humans at all times. The Avatars also include voice recognition and vocal synthesis technologies, which will facilitate quick, natural, and convenient user communication.

In addition to being intelligent, Spheroid’s AI Avatars can be designed to have any visual appearance, unrestricted by the physical world. They can be designed as distinct characters that represent their brands visually and interactively, including how they interact with consumers. This results in a product with virtually limitless commercial, entertainment, and educational uses, among others.

In the next five years, Andrey Almiashev predicts that the combination of AI and AR technologies will transform how businesses communicate with consumers. We are living in an intriguing time in which we will be able to observe the impact that AI and augmented reality will have on human civilization, and we are more than happy to assist businesses in investigating this immense potential.”

Spheroid also plans to integrate their AI Avatars with Apple’s upcoming Smart Glasses for an even more immersive experience.

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