MetaWorks Platforms Unveils Beta Launch of ECHO: A Revolutionary AI-Powered Metaverse Investor Relations Tool Dec 21, 2023 Dec 21, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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MetaWorks Platforms Unveils Beta Launch of ECHO: A Revolutionary AI-Powered Metaverse Investor Relations Tool

MetaWorks Platforms, Inc. (OTCQB: MWRK), an acclaimed Web3 company specializing in the ownership, operation, and development of Web3 platforms, is excited to reveal the beta launch of ECHO, an innovative AI-powered Metaverse investor relations chat bot. This cutting-edge platform seamlessly integrates ChatGPT with a tailored closed-loop data set, granting investors unprecedented and continuous access to comprehensive company information.


Indirect Expression of Excitement and Technological Advancements


ECHO, positioned as more than a chat bot, emerges as a dynamic and customizable representation for Metaverse investor relations, meticulously crafted for both publicly traded and private companies. Through the integration of advanced AI technology, ECHO stands as an intelligent, responsive, and ever-available resource, delivering real-time information and insights to stakeholders.


President’s Vision for Technological Innovation


Scott Gallagher, President of MetaWorks Platforms, Inc., articulated the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibilities within Web3 technologies such as AI and the Metaverse. He emphasized that ECHO symbolizes the fusion of state-of-the-art technology with a practical application of AI and the Metaverse, promising unparalleled access and experiences for both investors and companies.


Key Features of ECHO:

Customizable Interface:

Companies can personalize ECHO to align with their brand identity, ensuring seamless integration with existing investor relations strategies.


Integration with ChatGPT:

ECHO leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT, facilitating natural and context-aware conversations with users, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.


Closed Loop Data Set:

ECHO pairs a closed-loop data set with ChatGPT, guaranteeing that the information disseminated is consistently up-to-date and accurate.


24/7/365 Availability:

ECHO operates round the clock, providing investors with instantaneous access to information, announcements, and responses to inquiries, reinforcing its commitment to constant availability.


Limited Beta Launch:

MetaWorks Platforms enthusiastically announces the limited beta launch of ECHO. During this phase, up to 50 companies will have the opportunity to enroll, positioning themselves as pioneers in offering their investors and followers transformative access to ECHO’s potential by harnessing the synergies of AI and the Metaverse.


Empowering Investor Relations in the Metaverse: The ECHO Advantage

In conclusion, the beta launch of ECHO marks a groundbreaking stride in revolutionizing investor relations within the Metaverse. MetaWorks Platforms, with its forward-thinking approach, introduces a tool that not only leverages cutting-edge technology but also places customization and real-time accessibility at the forefront. ECHO, an embodiment of the company’s commitment to innovation, is poised to reshape how companies and investors interact within the dynamic landscapes of AI and the Metaverse, heralding a new era of comprehensive, responsive, and user-centric investor relations.

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