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Microsoft Backs Blockchain Game StarHeroes

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has just pledged to back the blockchain game StarHeroes. This Microsoft grant offers the StarHeroes developers accessibility to the Azure PlayFab. In light of the uncertainty surrounding blockchain gaming, Microsoft’s funding is a watershed moment.

The announcement was announced on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) by StarHeroes. The tweet states, “Being in tune with such prominent game developers as @Ubisoft or Microsoft Studios is a major milestone in our growth and makes us further thrilled to see what’s to come for @starheroes game.

While still P2E games have been steadily growing for some time, major video game companies have avoided them. Microsoft’s sponsorship is a major leap towards the acceptance and support of blockchain gaming.

This has the following implications for the StarHeroes and P2E industries:

  • With Microsoft’s support, StarHeroes will have accessibility to Azure PlayFab. The platform is used by notable titles such as Forza Horizon and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.
  • The first game to be produced using the Azure PlayFab platform is StarHeroes.
  • With Microsoft’s help, P2E games will gain a significant foothold in the conventional gaming industry.
  • In addition, StarHeroes intends to create an esports environment for the game.
  • Microsoft’s action may persuade other industry titans to endorse blockchain games and commercialize them. We hope that other game creators will be awarded similar funding.
  • StarHeroes is a blockchain-based third-person shooter with a space theme. Players may construct their own space fleet and engage in interstellar combat. The game has PvP combat, thus players must construct fleets with offensive and defensive troops.
  • In addition to PvP combat, StarHeroes has an adventure game and a ranking system. Players have the option to explore the planet. With a P2E model, gamers may earn money while playing the game. The NFTs include a collectible element in the shooter.

Notably, StarHeroes’s staff includes of CD Projekt Red employees. Two years have been spent developing the game. According to their most recent tweet, the gameplay will be unveiled shortly.

On the Downside

  • According to a recent poll by Newzoo’s analysts, the usage of terminology such as “NFTs,” “blockchain,” and “crypto” by AAA publishers frightens away players. It will be fascinating to see how players respond to his offer.

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