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Midnight’s Evergreen MMO: Pioneering Web3 Integration and Web2 Transition

Midnight, the premium Web3 game publisher, has detailed its groundbreaking vision in a recent white paper, revealing plans to aggregate a diverse array of games within its innovative Evergreen massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Evergreen is not only a game but also serves as a pioneering publishing platform, operating as a deconstructed, composable MMORPG that offers an immersive experience across games of various types and genres.


Transformative Evergreen: A Fusion of Player Progression and Evolving Gameplay


The white paper outlines Evergreen’s distinctive approach, blending enduring player progression with evolving gameplay. This results in an arcade of interconnected games, combining the reach, engagement, and monetization of a traditional MMO without the risks associated with a single theme or game narrative. Players can seamlessly move between worlds using keys, creating a dynamic and interconnected gaming experience.


The Genesis of Evergreen: Putting Player Stories at the Forefront


Midnight’s CEO, Steve Wade, expressed his enthusiasm for the venture, citing the importance of player stories and the unique experiences they create. He sees Evergreen as a paradigm shift in the MMO genre, offering a solution that bridges the best of both worlds—premium double-A games and MMOs—fused together through a mobile companion app. This, he believes, addresses the challenge of discoverability in the gaming landscape.


Web3 Market Dynamics and Funding Perspectives


Wade’s optimism extends to the broader Web3 gaming market, fueled by Disney’s substantial investment in Epic Games and the expected recovery of Bitcoin prices. Midnight aims to raise more funds to focus on double-A games, a segment Wade considers neglected but substantial within the $195 billion gaming industry. He sees 2024 as a year of consolidations and shutdowns, positioning Midnight strategically to navigate this evolving landscape.


Evergreen’s Potential: A New Horizon in MMOs


Evergreen, set to hit beta in March and launch officially in October, is positioned as a transformative force in the MMO genre. The deconstructed MMO model addresses discoverability challenges, providing players with access to premium double-A games through a unified companion app. Additionally, Midnight’s tools facilitate interoperability between studios and genres, fostering collaboration and coherence within the Web3 ecosystem.


Strategic Funding and M&A Focus


Recognizing the need for substantial funding, Wade acknowledges Midnight’s ambitious plans, intending to acquire companies and commission games fitting the Evergreen MMO ecosystem. In a unique approach, Midnight seeks to raise an M&A fund rather than a traditional VC fund, aligning with the changing dynamics of the gaming industry. Wade’s experience, including the acquisition of parts of SquareTwo, positions Midnight as a player in this dynamic landscape.


Web3 Token Presence and Future Expansion


The company plans to list a Web3 token to establish its presence and community in the Web3 space. Subsequently, it aims to raise funding and initiate M&A deals, with a focus on attracting a Web2 audience before transitioning to Web3 games with player ownership. Evergreen will have a companion app, potentially hitting the market in March.


Navigating the Changing Landscape: Midnight’s Unique Positioning


Midnight’s CEO, Wade, views the gaming industry’s current state as a period of consolidation, emphasizing the company’s role as a strategic player. With plans to launch a game monthly, focusing on double-A titles with budgets ranging from $500,000 to $5 million, Midnight aims to provide meaningful and engaging experiences for players. Wade believes that the industry is entering a phase of more realistic pricing, emphasizing the importance of revenue generation within the first year.


Conclusion: Midnight’s Evergreen MMO—A Catalyst for Change in Web3 Gaming


As Midnight prepares to unleash the Evergreen MMO and navigate the evolving gaming landscape, the company stands as a pioneer in integrating Web3 technologies and providing a bridge to the metaverse. With a strategic focus on player stories, collaboration, and innovation, Midnight is poised to make a significant impact on the future of gaming, creating a multiversal bridge to the metaverse for players worldwide.

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