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Mining Pool Platform MinerGate Unveils Final Version xFast Miner Engine

On 14 November, MinerGate, a state-of-the-art mining platform with 3.5 million clients around the world, unveiled its xFast Miner engine final version.

As Claude Lecomte, CEO and founder of MinerGate, said, the engine’s brand latest design has improved the performance and usefulness of the platform altogether.

According to the company’s site, MinerGate offers miners a supreme-quality merged mining service with an up time of 99.97%, withdrawals beginning from 0.01 coins and convenient smart mining capabilities.

Within the most recent form of xFast Miner, MinerGate has essentially boosted the speed of mining for each of the 11 supported cryptos–including BTC, BTG, ZEC, XMR and others–that can be used to the maximum with the application. The press release states that the new engine is capable of improving performance by “up to 20 percent in terms of hash rate, depending on the algorithm of the mined coin compared to the previous hash rate.”

At the same time, the latest version is presently congruous with a majority of the utilized GPUs on the market, as the upgrade was intended to grow the platform’s hardware assistance. Furthermore, the new miner has both command line and common client forms of the interface.

Lecomte commented “Now MinerGate provides users with some of the fastest hash rates among collective mining pools, with an industry-best hash rate of 283 for Monero among other standouts.” MinerGate intends to set new standards for efficiency and functionality on the mining platform with this update.

The beta version of MinerGate xFast Miner, launched in September, was downloaded by over 80,000 users. The improved final version is now available to all users of MinerGate. In order to compare the xFastMiner of MinerGate with its competitors, the company submitted a press release containing the following statistics from the most popular open-source miners: XMRig, Claymore, XMR-Stak, Ethminer for ETH and ZEC.

The data shows that the xFast miner is the best solution for the GeForce CUDA mining. Bminer is better only for ZEC mining in the CUDA GTX 960 configuration, but the Minergate team says they are already working to improve this index.

The press release states “xFast mining on AMD OpenCL configurations gives the user a tangible advantage for XMR and ETH mining.”

Although the main solution for these coins is not CPU mining, xFast miner has comparable results with competitors:

MinerGate recently launched its brand new BTC mining pool. It is the first public SHA-256 BTC mining pool in MinerGate to open new frontiers to list PoW cryptocurrencies based on SHA-256.

The company stresses that good hardware alone is not sufficient for efficient mining on the market today. As stated, a user can achieve a significant increase in performance by selecting the right software miner even in a standard configuration.

With this in mind, the MinerGate team aims to challenge its peers and competitors by launching an updated mining engine, a turning point for the mining industry.

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