Mugen Interactive Launches Legend of Arcadia on Sui, Redefining GameFi 2.0 in Web3 Gaming July 7, 2023 July 7, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Mugen Interactive Launches Legend of Arcadia on Sui, Redefining GameFi 2.0 in Web3 Gaming

Mugen Interactive, an emerging blockchain gaming studio, has recently launched their inaugural game, Legend of Arcadia, on Sui in collaboration with Mysten Labs, a web3 infrastructure company and initial contributor to Sui, a Layer 1 blockchain.

Legend of Arcadia (LOA), a casual strategy card game that operates on multiple chains and incorporates both free-to-play and play-to-earn mechanics, has made a significant impact within the Sui GameFi ecosystem. More than 6,000 members from over 40 guilds and 50 communities have actively participated in the first three sessions of the Alpha Test and Guild Tournament.

According to Mugen Interactive’s Co-founder and CEO, Andy Lee, who also serves as the Executive Producer of LOA, the studio aims to revolutionize the current blockchain gaming industry through GameFi 2.0, emphasizing content and social elements.

Lee expressed that they sought a partner capable of aligning with their vision, and Sui’s cutting-edge blockchain technology, scalable infrastructure, and gaming and NFT features met their requirements.

Mugen Interactive and Mysten Labs Partner to Introduce Legend of Arcadia on Sui

Anthony Palma, Gaming Partnerships and Investments representative at Mysten Labs, spoke highly of the Mugen Interactive team, referring to them as experienced gaming veterans and web3 enthusiasts. Palma also mentioned the continuous growth of Sui’s gaming community and expressed excitement about bringing LOA on board due to their personal interest in the game.

The success of LOA can be attributed to its strategic design, which prioritizes user engagement, community-driven growth, network scalability, and value creation, all of which are offered by the Sui protocol for gamers.

Legend of Arcadia Takes the Sui GameFi Ecosystem by Storm, Prioritizing User Engagement and Community-Driven Growth

The partnership with Mysten Labs signifies the beginning of the GameFi 2.0 era and the introduction of a content-first, social-first Web3 gaming concept as LOA represents Mugen Interactive’s first game release.

During the alpha test, a new guild named “Alter Ego Guild” was established within the LOA community, demonstrating the studio’s commitment to supporting and empowering community-driven guilds in the Web3 gaming world. The founders of Alter Ego Guild, Sven and Dreeii, expressed their enthusiasm for providing an enhanced gaming experience within the Web3 gaming environment.

The previous sessions of the Closed Alpha Test marked a significant milestone as it represented the first comprehensive integration of the gaming community and game guilds on Sui, showcasing LOA’s ability to foster collaboration and engagement among community members.

The final session of the Alpha Test on Sui is scheduled to take place from July 17th, 2023, at 8 am UTC to July 26th, 2023, at 10 am UTC, with an anticipated 20% growth in the user base.

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