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Multi-Player Action Game Kaidro Chooses Immutable to Enter Web3

Immutable is set to release an action role-playing game developed by Kaidro that features a strong narrative component. The webcomic that marked its debut in 2020 was the franchise established by Robert Simons and Peggy Chung. Notably, the TikTok account has amassed a following of more than one million users, and the content has garnered over forty million views across various media platforms. Shall we proceed?

Kaidro is a multiplayer action role-playing game that is inspired by anime and driven by a captivating storyline. It is developed within the Kaidro Universe. The individual taking part in the game assumes the character of a bounty hunter who has been assigned the responsibility of eliminating the Outlander Radical, a ferocious astral combatant that is causing destruction to the fabric of reality. Furthermore, the game motivates its users to establish alliances, operate mechanical robots, and employ distinct skills to prevent the annihilation of the planet by ruthless entities known as Void creatures.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the NFT Genesis compilation comprises of three factions hailing from the Kaidro Universe. It is noteworthy that owners of NFTs will have the ability to disclose the unique storylines and background information associated with their NFT holdings. Furthermore, individuals possessing the aforementioned items will be granted entry to unique relics that are only accessible to specific groups. The foremost clan will be provided with an opportunity to obtain exclusive airdrops and KDR, which is the indigenous cryptocurrency of the Kaidro realm.

Let us now analyze the collaboration with Immutable. Kaidro opted to develop the game on Immutable platform owing to its economical pricing, expeditious transaction processing, and NFT minting without gas charges. Furthermore, the collaboration will allow Kaidro to utilize the vast network of games and broaden its audience through Immutable’s ecosystem.

For more than a decade, Chung and Simons have dedicated themselves to the development of Kaidro with great enthusiasm. Presently, with the aid of Immutable, the duo is launching the Kaidro intellectual property to the Web3 platform. Furthermore, the organization is planning to initiate the production of an animated TV show, in addition to their ongoing efforts to create the game. In the end, aided by Immutable, the franchise is poised to emerge as a top player in the Web3 gaming sector.

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