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MultiversX Integrates with Google BigQuery

MultiversX, a pioneer in sharding technology for public distributed networks, has achieved a significant breakthrough by integrating with Google BigQuery. This development marks a key milestone, streamlining access to blockchain data and seamlessly embedding MultiversX’s data streams into the internet through Google.

Empowering Blockchain Analysis on Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery, a robust petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse, now provides an efficient, pay-as-you-go platform for exploring the MultiversX network. Users, simply with a Google Account, can gain valuable insights into the MultiversX ecosystem, including details on the top 100 block producers. The advantage is evident as it eliminates the need for specialized software and the time-consuming ledger synchronization process.

Unlocking Immediate Data Queries

On the MultiversX dataset page, users can access quick-to-use sample queries. These encompass a range of information, from the specifics of the latest blocks to daily transaction counts, largest EGLD transfers within specific time frames, and details on the top-used smart contracts. This user-friendly feature streamlines the process of obtaining critical data without unnecessary complexities.

Facilitating Development with In-Depth Analysis

This integration presents a valuable asset for developers and projects utilizing MultiversX for on-chain actions. Google BigQuery equips them with a powerful tool for conducting comprehensive product analysis. By understanding user behavior and evaluating product development priorities, developers can enhance the effectiveness and appeal of their decentralized applications (dApps).

MultiversX Foundation CIO, Lucian Mincu, expressed the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Analyzing and interpreting data to reveal useful insights and information about product usage is a science barely explored compared to its potential utility for the web3 space. Having Google resolve a big part of the hassle for MultiversX projects is an important step towards making dApps better, more useful, and more appealing to the masses.”

Seamless Integration through MultiversX ETL

The integration with Google BigQuery is facilitated through the MultiversX ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), a tool meticulously developed by the core team of the Layer 1 smart contract platform. This tool ensures a smooth flow of blockchain data to Google BigQuery at hourly intervals, offering users an up-to-date and comprehensive dataset.

Deepening Collaboration Beyond Integration

This collaboration between MultiversX and Google Cloud extends beyond the integration with BigQuery. The two technology giants are actively collaborating on various initiatives to accelerate the growth of Web3. This includes a startup accelerator program, hackathons, developer initiatives, and joint business developments. One notable instance is the presence of MultiversX as a partner in the Google Cloud booth at GITEX Global, Dubai 2023.

Advancing Web3 Together

The collaboration between MultiversX and Google Cloud is poised to shape the future of Web3, fostering innovation and providing developers with the tools they need to create impactful decentralized solutions. As the integration with Google BigQuery opens new doors, it represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of blockchain technology.

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