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Nansen and Sixdegree Forge Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Crypto Data Insights

Nansen, a prominent provider of on-chain insights for crypto investors and teams, has announced a strategic partnership with Sixdegree, a crypto-native onchain research firm specializing in incentive optimization for protocols to foster user growth. This collaboration seeks to strengthen the crypto industry by affording crypto teams access to enhanced data services and comprehensive support while contributing to a more knowledgeable and empowered community.

Crypto teams frequently grapple with the challenge of comprehending their users and the intricate dynamics within their sector. Despite blockchain’s inherent transparency, understanding user intent, activity, and patterns remains elusive due to the anonymous nature of transactions and the complexity of interpreting onchain data.

Leading Crypto Analytics Providers Join Forces to Empower Blockchain Teams and Enhance User Growth

Deep onchain analysis plays a pivotal role in the success of crypto teams. With a proven track record of working with more than 20 top protocols, including Lens and Gnosis Safe, Sixdegree has teamed up with Nansen to develop dashboards and models for analyzing onchain user behaviors, ecosystem growth, and token incentives.

This partnership will substantially augment the capabilities of both teams in delivering a wider range of services to a broader spectrum of crypto teams, thereby empowering them to reach new heights of growth.

Alex Svanevik, CEO at Nansen, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Sixdegree in providing protocols and blockchain teams with top-notch analytics solutions. This partnership exemplifies how a leading blockchain analytics team can amplify its efforts by leveraging the most robust data analytics platform available. Consequently, customers of both Sixdegree and Nansen will reap significant benefits.”

The Sixdegree platform builds upon and enhances many of the behavioral data frameworks found in traditional Web 2.0, offering a quantitative, dynamic approach to growth for blockchain protocols.

0xetwas, co-founder at Sixdegree, emphasized, “With the rise of Layer 2 blockchains, we see enormous potential in assisting protocols with optimizing on-chain user behavior. Our platform encompasses various predictive models that we utilize to fine-tune and enhance retention, lifetime value, and incentives for a wide array of protocols. Partnering with the Nansen team and serving a diverse clientele presents a tremendous opportunity.”

This partnership paves the way for offering Web3 businesses unmatched insights into the onchain activity of their customers, complemented by business intelligence and competitive intelligence solutions.

Furthermore, the collaboration will extend its offerings to include market analysis, trend identification, liquidity shifts, trading strategy evaluation, and market sentiment assessment. By synergizing their individual strengths, Nansen and Sixdegree introduce a new layer of precision and transparency to onchain insights, enabling teams to gain deeper insights into the services resonating with their users, enhance customer interactions, and stay ahead of industry trends.

Ultimately, this collaboration empowers organizations to gain a profound understanding of the dynamics of the crypto world and make more informed decisions related to onchain data. It not only showcases the potential for groundbreaking solutions and advancements but also underscores Nansen’s unwavering commitment to expanding its service horizons, providing customers with innovative avenues for seamless information exchange.

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