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Nansen to Facilitate Deeper Analysis of Tron Blockchain Data

Nansen has recently entered into collaboration with TRON with the aim of offering on-chain insights to the TRON ecosystem. The team is thrilled to engage in collaboration with TRON, a blockchain network that purports to be a top contender in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL) and activity. The platform of choice for USDT transfers is TRON due to its quick transaction times and minimal transaction fees.More than 46 billion USDT, which accounts for 56% of its total supply, is presently on TRON. Furthermore, TRON transactions have surpassed ERC-20 USDT transactions. The significance of USDT transactions is evident in the log records, where 40% of all chain-related events are linked to Tether.

As per the reports, the network sustains a noteworthy count of daily active transactions and addresses, with more than 1.5 million daily active addresses and 8-9 million daily transactions. The aforementioned figures exhibit a noteworthy increase in comparison to prominent networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum. The Nansen team aims to furnish investors and crypto teams with enhanced blockchain data, analytics, research, and portfolio tracking. The integration of TRON enables them to provide enhanced insights and a more comprehensive analysis of on-chain activity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The integration of TRON has been completed in both Nansen Portfolio and Nansen Query. Furthermore, it is possible for users to obtain a better understanding of TRON’s network operations and ecosystem by utilizing our macro dashboard on Nansen Pro. The platform is currently in the process of incorporating supplementary network support and intends to activate prominent features like Token God Mode and Wallet Profiler in the near future.

As per a recent update, Google’s Web3 startup program can gain a competitive edge and navigate unexplored territories by utilizing Nansen’s suite of products to access on-chain data. The blockchain data analytics platform, Nansen, has announced its collaboration with Google Cloud. The partnership aims to offer real-time and top-notch blockchain data to the projects enrolled in the new Web3 startup program.

The Google Cloud Web3 startup program has made it possible for projects to gain access to on-chain data and insights by offering a complimentary month of Nansen Query. Additionally, these projects can enjoy a 20% discount on Nansen’s products and engagement fees for the remainder of the year. Blockchains represent a valuable source of financial data that is both transparent and immutable. With the appropriate tools, it is possible for users to identify economic activity within these networks. By gathering and scrutinizing this data, they are able to gauge the sentiment and conduct of investors.

With the increasing significance of data-driven decision-making, it has become imperative for projects in this domain to obtain access to blockchain data. This is essential to extract valuable insights that can steer crucial business decisions. The utilization of on-chain data equalizes the competition by rendering the tactics and undertakings of the leading participants as common knowledge. This approach is founded on fundamental principles, rather than being influenced by hype, sentiment, or technical analysis.

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