Nansen Unveils App for Smart Crypto Management and Web 3 Navigation June 16, 2022 June 16, 2022 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Nansen Unveils App for Smart Crypto Management and Web 3 Navigation

The blockchain analytics platform Nansen has just made an announcement on the debut of a new product called Nansen Connect, which the company thinks will play an important role as a core component of the social layer inside Web3. To begin with, Nansen maintains the opinion that a blockchain wallet may function as a type of identification. The wallet labeling services that were pioneered by Nansen function in a way that is similar to a game from a social point of view.

By logging in with their cryptocurrency wallet, choosing a username based on their Nansen wallet labels, joining groups based on crypto holdings and on-chain behaviors, sending direct messages to other users with end-to-end encryption, monitoring key collection statistics and the user holding information in real-time, and eventually being able to build OTC channels for more efficient trading are all features that are available to users of Nansen Connect.

In addition, Nansen anticipates this application serving as a compass for users, assisting them in navigating Web3, which is mainly unexplored and in which the rules and social conventions are still in the process of being created. Collectors are able to watch in real-time on Nansen Connect to see whether developers are selling off their holdings, which reduces the possibility of being scammed. Additionally, communities will have a superior ability to filter out unnecessary noise within their own ranks since it will be far simpler than ever before to identify and recognize those who hold the most severe convictions.

Certain Web2 platforms have the capability of being utilized to token-gate communities; however, these systems are dependent on plugins and are riddled with frauds. Nansen Connect provides individuals and organizations with a safe and cryptographically-native form of communication that allows them to explore the outskirts of Web3. The profile picture (PFP) communities and users, label-based communities, and end-to-end encrypted direct communications will be the primary areas of emphasis for the beta version of Connect. Users will be able to quickly navigate between the chat interface and user wallet profiles, as well as join groups that are based on their holdings, see key statistics about a collection, and view important data about a collection.

After it has been released to the public, Nansen intends to continually bring new communities aboard. Over time, Nansen will broaden the choices available for groups, making it possible for users to swiftly organize new groups. Additionally, Smart Money-specific channels will be developed, and the company may investigate the possibility of permitting OTC trading amongst Connect members.

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