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NEAR Foundation Unveils Ecosystem Gateway for Ethereum Layer 2 Mantle on Blockchain Operating System

In a significant move aimed at advancing mainstream adoption and simplifying Web3 development, the NEAR Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting the NEAR ecosystem and the Blockchain Operating System (B.O.S), has officially launched an ecosystem dashboard tailored for Ethereum layer 2 Mantle on the Blockchain Operating System. This newly introduced gateway is poised to streamline the experience for Mantle Web3 users and application developers, providing them with improved accessibility to opportunities, simplified transactions with preferred apps, and the ability to create their projects utilizing the novel Mantle B.O.S components.


Empowering Web3 Development with Mantle


Mantle, a layer 2 scaling solution built on the Ethereum blockchain, has garnered a dedicated following among developers since its mainnet launch in July 2023. Focused on establishing a decentralized data availability layer, Mantle offers developers an efficient, cost-effective, and highly secure platform for crafting new Web3 decentralized applications (dApps), particularly in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi).


A Collaborative Community Initiative


The interactive app dashboard that has materialized is a result of a collaborative effort between NEAR and Mantle. Hosted by the widely recognized Mantle dApp FusionX, this gateway serves as a unified entry point into the Mantle ecosystem. It simplifies the process of discovering Mantle applications by consolidating elements of top dApps, including the Mantle Bridge, Agni, Ammos, iZiSwap, FusionX, Gamma, Lendle, and soon, Pendle, all within a single interface. This gateway substantially enhances accessibility for developers and users, simplifies the discovery of apps they wish to create, and offers robust composability. Furthermore, B.O.S expedites the development of multi-chain experiences, enabling builders from diverse ecosystems, including Ethereum layer 2 projects, to focus on delivering exceptional products to their users rather than being burdened with infrastructure management.


Unlocking Novel Value for Mantle Projects


This novel B.O.S gateway introduces unique benefits for projects interested in building on the Mantle platform. Overcoming the hurdle of attracting and onboarding users, a challenge frequently encountered by Web3 founders, becomes more manageable with B.O.S. dApps can expand their reach and capture user traffic by gaining visibility on the gateway. Meanwhile, individual app creators, community developers, and project teams can seamlessly create new components for existing Mantle dApps or adapt them for their own projects. Developers contributing B.O.S components and constructing and distributing new dApps on Mantle can rapidly expand their user base and gain instant recognition within the ecosystem.


Fostering Cross-Pollination in Web3 Communities


Arjun Kalsy, Head of Ecosystem at Mantle, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with NEAR, stating, “We are delighted to ally with NEAR in bringing leading Mantle dApps to a wider community through the Mantle Ecosystem Gateway on B.O.S. Through this effort, we look to provide even more support to our dev community and allow for more cross-pollination in our respective Web3 communities.”


NEAR’s B.O.S: A Game Changer for Web3 Developers


NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System extends its utility to founders and developers working within both the EVM and NEAR stacks. Serving as a common layer for exploring and discovering open web experiences, B.O.S simplifies Web3 app development, offering a comprehensive set of tools for developers from various ecosystems. Developers can swiftly construct composable apps for the open web using thousands of flexible components, while also facilitating user onboarding and increasing discoverability across the Web3 landscape. This collaboration introduces new capabilities for developers and enables them to create apps with broader user reach.


The Vision of NEAR Protocol


Illia Polosukhin, Co-founder of NEAR Protocol, shared his excitement about the Mantle gateway, stating, “Mantle has seen some great traction since their launch, and we’re very excited to have a Mantle gateway built on B.O.S. Ethereum and DeFi users interested in discovering new projects can now find lots of Mantle apps in one place, with bridging already solved, so they can get started right away. The Mantle gateway demonstrates the value of B.O.S gateways for other L2s and EVM projects looking to increase discoverability.”


A Rising Trend: Ecosystem Gateways on B.O.S


Mantle joins the growing list of protocols benefiting from the development of an ecosystem gateway on B.O.S. This announcement closely follows the launch of another Web3 ecosystem gateway for Polygon zkEVM. The zkEVM B.O.S gateway enhances accessibility and discoverability for developers while delivering a more user-friendly experience for end users exploring Layer 2 ecosystems. The Blockchain Operating System promises the same substantial advantages to founders and builders across the Web3 landscape. While it’s built on NEAR, its benefits extend to the entire open web, fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration in the realm of decentralized applications and blockchain technology.

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