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NHN Ventures into Crypto Gaming with Sui Blockchain, Joining South Korea’s Thriving Blockchain Gaming Scene

South Korean tech firm NHN has recently revealed its ambitious plans to venture into the world of crypto gaming, leveraging the capabilities of the Sui blockchain. NHN’s gaming division, renowned for its development of social casino games and mobile titles, is set to explore the creation of digital board games enriched with the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Pioneering the Crypto-Powered Gaming Frontier:

Although NHN has yet to provide specific details regarding the integration of NFTs and crypto tokens into their forthcoming games, the company is actively exploring innovative possibilities. Among these are the potential for gamers to exchange in-game items as NFTs and the introduction of crypto token-based rewards systems.


A Paradigm Shift in Gaming:

Jine Lee, NHN’s Head of Business Development, described crypto-powered games as a “paradigm shift” for the gaming industry. Lee underscored the company’s aspiration to synergize the value derived from game content and in-game economies with the concept of tokenomics.


Selecting Sui Blockchain for its Inherent Capabilities:

NHN has opted to collaborate with the Sui blockchain for its NFT and crypto gaming endeavors, primarily due to the blockchain’s robust layer-1 capabilities. Mysten Labs, the driving force behind the development of Sui, not only recognized NHN’s long-term vision for crypto gaming but also expressed eagerness to embark on this journey together.


South Korea’s Thriving Blockchain Gaming Scene:

South Korea’s gaming landscape has already witnessed prominent firms like Krafton, Com2us, Wemade, Nexon, Neowiz, NCSoft, and OneUniverse embracing blockchain gaming. According to a study conducted by DappRadar and Pacific Meta, it is projected that Asia will constitute a staggering 80% of the global crypto gaming player base in the foreseeable future.



NHN’s strategic move into the realm of crypto gaming stands as a testament to the burgeoning growth of blockchain gaming in South Korea and the wider Asian market. With a focus on NFTs, crypto tokens, and the revolutionary Sui blockchain, NHN is poised to make a significant impact on the ever-evolving landscape of gaming and blockchain technology, offering gamers new dimensions of immersive experiences and economic opportunities. As Asia continues to spearhead the crypto gaming revolution, NHN’s entry marks another exciting chapter in the ongoing convergence of these two dynamic industries.

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