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Nigeria’s Uniccon Launches Blockchain Firm Focused on Inclusion of Africans

To promote the inclusion of Africans and the uptake of the specialized technology in the area, the UNICCON Group of Companies has introduced its blockchain firm, SmartAfri Labs. Dr. Chuks Ekwueme, the Chairman of UNICCON Group, spoke at the opening and provided illuminating data to highlight the inadequate integration and acceptance of the blockchain environment in Africa.

“Africa’s share of the anticipated $1.1 trillion in the business is less than 5%. By 2025, we hope to increase participation by up to 25% thanks to the technology and tools we have developed. For instance, our VR devices are more cheap and will allow impoverished Africans to use the technology. This signifies inclusion. The idea that blockchain technology is a form of cryptocurrency is false. That idea needs to be abandoned because it is much more than that. We created this platform, a hybrid of Web 2.0 and 3.0, and we’re eager to play a significant role in the 4IR. Our NFT platform has a sizable market because Nigerians and other Africans in the creative and other sectors can use it to make money and boost the GDP, according to Ekwueme.

The innovative product—the first blockchain technology developed in Africa—consists of SmartAfri Chain, a blockchain server, NFT Marketplace, a metaverse, SmartAfri Verse, an e-market that combines 2.0 and 3.0, and UNICCON VR.(locally made and subsidized headsets).

The goal of the project is to boost opportunities for Africans, motivate more developers to join the field, and promote widespread inclusivity. During the welcome address, Kehinde Ake, General Manager of UNICCON, mentioned that SmartAfri Labs provides high levels of security, transparency, and efficiency, allowing users to transfer assets, store data, and perform smart contracts on a decentralized and fraud-resistant network. Ake stated that their technology empowers Africans to excel in an environment that was previously unfamiliar to them.

John Paul Nwobodo, an industry investment analyst with Adaverse, discussed the significant influence of blockchain technology across various industries as a keynote speaker. Referring to the banking sector. The 2021 World Bank report shows that most Nigerians are not using banks, and those who do are often using the same financial services providers. Nowbodo stated that utilizing blockchain technology can decrease the high cost of cross-border remittance, making it more affordable and overcoming geographical limitations.

The CTO of the company, Eval Esege, gave a presentation on SmartAfri Labs, explaining its functions and advantages to the audience. “SmartAfri Labs was borne out of the need to create a blockchain ecosystem that represents African values and culture. We are offering a partnership opportunity for those who share our vision to join us.

Representatives from various organizations including NITDA, NCS, Adverse, blockchain community, and private sector were present at the launch. Chris Ebosie, the Group General Manager at Uniccon, expressed gratitude towards the event’s management, staff, consultants, speakers, guests, press, and all those who helped make the event a success. A significant portion of the audience participated online through various platforms such as YouTube, Zoom, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord.

UNICCON Group is a leading company in developing creative technology solutions to address issues in Africa. Remember that the corporation introduced the initial African robot in December 2023.
The organization has partnered with NITDA and is assisting the Nigerian government in enhancing digital literacy. By 2030, the country aims to achieve 95% literacy through this action.

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