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Numbers Protocol’s Blockchain Initiative for Taiwan’s Presidential Election

Numbers Protocol, a Taiwan-based blockchain content verification company, has unveiled a strategic initiative aimed at ensuring the public has access to reliable and credible news during the upcoming presidential election on January 13th. The company’s announcement outlines the implementation of a decentralized blockchain-based verification platform for digital media content. In collaboration with local photojournalists and news media covering the election, Numbers Protocol seeks to establish a robust system to counter misinformation.


Leveraging Proven Technology for Trustworthy Reporting

Numbers Protocol intends to employ technology previously utilized in similar initiatives, including the 2020 United States Presidential election and an Emmy-winning project with Rolling Stone magazine, focused on preserving evidence of war crimes in Bosnia. The project, spanning six weeks from November 20th to January 13th, involves capturing content in the field, which will then be uploaded to the blockchain using Numbers Protocol’s tools, Capture Cam and Capture Dashboard. These tools play a crucial role in verifying the authenticity of digital media content and detecting potential manipulation by artificial intelligence.


Building Resilient Reporting through Blockchain

To fortify the integrity of reporting, metadata, including information on content creators, will be securely archived on the decentralized web, forming an accessible historical digital archive. These providence records not only enhance the credibility of news but also provide photojournalists with opportunities to monetize and license their work.


Partnerships to Strengthen the Initiative

Numbers Protocol has already established key partnerships for this project, collaborating with local media giant SETN, non-profit news organization The Reporter, independent photojournalists associated with EyePress News Agency, and the national news agency Central News Agency (CNA). These partnerships underline the collaborative effort to combat misinformation in a region where media interference is a pressing concern.


Addressing Media Interference in Taiwan

The initiative comes at a crucial time for Taiwan, given its challenging political situation and the prevalence of media interference. A 2023 survey highlighted that 82.8 percent of Taiwanese received misinformation in the previous year, with over 90 percent believing the impact of false information on society is either “serious” or “extremely serious.” Disinformation peaked during the controversial 2022 visit to Taipei by United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and subsequent Chinese military drills.


Global Significance: A Model for Future Elections

Looking ahead, Numbers Protocol recognizes that 40 national elections are scheduled in the coming year, encompassing 41 percent of the global population and 43 percent of the world’s gross domestic product. The challenges related to disinformation and media interference are expected to persist. Through its Taiwan Election project, Numbers Protocol aspires to demonstrate how blockchain technology can be a catalyst in ensuring the credibility of media content during critical events, positioning Taiwan as a potential role model for other nations.


Restoring Trust in Media: Numbers Protocol’s Mission

Numbers Protocol, since its inception in 2019, has been committed to preserving the integrity of digital media on the blockchain, securing over 100,000 items and supporting more than 50,000 daily queries. With a mission to restore trust in the media, particularly during times of heightened skepticism, the company aims to showcase the potential of blockchain technology in verifying the authenticity and origin of digital content.


Conclusion: Blockchain as a Guardian of Credibility

As Numbers Protocol’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Sofia Yan, emphasizes, media interference and manipulation are daily challenges in Taiwan. Through this blockchain-powered platform, the company seeks to rebuild trust in news media by providing a tangible solution to verify the authenticity of digital content. If successful, this initiative could set a precedent for other countries grappling with similar issues, showcasing the transformative potential of blockchain in fostering trustworthy journalism.

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