Oasys Blockchain Teams Up with Com2uS for Web3 Gaming Expansion in Japan Feb 13, 2024 Feb 13, 2024 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Oasys Blockchain Teams Up with Com2uS for Web3 Gaming Expansion in Japan

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Oasys blockchain has joined forces with Com2uS, a leading South Korean game publisher, to enhance Com2uS’s web3 gaming infrastructure and facilitate its expansion into the Japanese market. Oasys, renowned for its partnerships with industry giants like SoftBank, Sega, and Ubisoft, will play a pivotal role by offering technical support to Com2uS and its blockchain subsidiary, XPLA.

Expressing enthusiasm about the partnership, Paul Kim, the team lead of XPLA, highlighted its significance, noting that it represents a major stride into the third-largest gaming market globally, Japan. Com2uS aims to introduce two web3 games, namely ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’ and ‘The Walking Dead: All Stars,’ in Japan by mid-2024, featuring well-known intellectual properties. To achieve this, Com2uS plans to leverage the unique double-layer structure of the Oasys blockchain, comprising various Verses (Layer2s) and its proprietary Hub-Layer (Layer1).

In discussing the collaboration, it was emphasized that Oasys’s core value lies in its vision to act as a blockchain that provides tailored solutions for game companies, serving as a game-focused blockchain. The collaboration aims to deliver innovative gaming experiences, aligning with the evolving expectations of players.

Com2uS, an industry veteran established in 1998, currently commands a market capitalization exceeding 605 billion Korean won ($454 million) as of the latest market update in Asia. The company’s strategic move to collaborate with Oasys signifies its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and tapping into the vast potential of the Japanese gaming market.

Exploring the Japanese Gaming Landscape

As Com2uS sets its sights on the Japanese market, this collaboration marks a strategic maneuver to navigate the intricacies of the gaming landscape in Japan, known for its discerning and diverse gamer demographics. By incorporating the innovative capabilities of Oasys’s blockchain technology, Com2uS aims to introduce web3 games that resonate with Japanese gamers, leveraging popular intellectual properties to ensure a compelling and engaging gaming experience.

Oasys’s Versatile Blockchain Solutions

Oasys, with its proven track record of collaborations with industry giants, brings a wealth of technical expertise to the table. The incorporation of various Verses (Layer2s) within its blockchain structure allows for enhanced scalability and efficiency, addressing critical challenges faced by game developers. The collaboration with Com2uS signifies Oasys’s commitment to advancing the adoption of web3 gaming and providing tailored solutions to empower gaming companies in their pursuit of innovative experiences.

Looking Ahead

With Com2uS gearing up to launch ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’ and ‘The Walking Dead: All Stars’ in Japan, the success of this collaboration will likely set a precedent for future partnerships between blockchain platforms and gaming companies. The strategic alliance between Oasys and Com2uS serves as a testament to the growing significance of blockchain technology in revolutionizing the gaming industry, ushering in a new era of immersive and player-centric experiences. As the partnership unfolds, industry observers eagerly anticipate the impact it will have on the Japanese gaming market and beyond.

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