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Oasys Blockchain to Aid Japanese Firm KDDI in Web3 Gaming

Oasys Blockchain is on the way to achieving its mission of promoting the adoption of blockchain technology. In a recent development, the blockchain network has expanded its list of validators by adding KDDI, a renowned name in the industry. The network is known for its successful partnerships and had earlier welcomed SoftBank as a validator on February 16, 2023. KDDI, the Japanese telecommunications giant, has announced a new partnership aimed at exploring opportunities for gaming and entertainment. The collaboration will involve working closely with a network to identify potential areas of growth and development in these industries.

KDDI has announced the launch of αu – Alpha U, a metaverse service that enables users to express their creativity. This development is in line with KDDI’s commitment to innovation and progress. Alpha U offers a range of products and services, including music, streaming, art appreciation, and virtual shopping, among others. KDDI’s Alpha U offers users the freedom to discover the marketplace and digital asset wallet.

Ubisoft, SEGA, Yield Guild Games, and Bandai Namco Research are among the other validators listed. In a recent development, the Oasis network has welcomed validators from diverse backgrounds, including traditional and blockchain gaming, to ensure the stability and security of the network.

Shunpei Tatebayashi, the General Manager of KDDI’s Business Incubation Development Department, announced that KDDI is committed to partnering with Oasys Blockchain to push the limits of Web3. The Japanese telecommunications giant is dedicated to exploring new possibilities in the blockchain space alongside Oasys Blockchain. According to Shunpei, KDDI has expertise in communication infrastructure to aid the blockchain.

KDDI’s GM has praised Oasys for their track record of successful partnerships with Japanese companies in the gaming and entertainment industry. KDDI has found Oasys to be the ideal candidate for a partnership as a validator. In a recent development, two companies have joined forces to assist a Japanese company in creating a gaming and entertainment space in the virtual world. Both firms will be working in the Web3 domain to achieve this goal. Alpha U is driven by the community, which constantly showcases its creativity. KDDI and Oasys are expected to deliver an enhanced user experience in their upcoming projects.

Daiki Moriyama, the director of Oasys, has responded to Shunpei’s statement with equal enthusiasm. In a recent statement, Daiki expressed his honour in collaborating with KDDI, citing the venture’s contribution to the digital ecosystem of Japan as a driving force behind its growth.

Daiki announced that Oasys is eagerly anticipating future collaborations that will not only improve the stability and security of their network, but also push the boundaries of entertainment and gaming.

In a bid to promote blockchain gaming worldwide, Oasys has placed its bets on the adoption of blockchain technology. Oasys’ efforts are accelerated by partnerships like these, according to reports. Oasys has received a boost in its cause, as it has partnered with well-established brands in the industry.

In 2022, Oasys was established and has since successfully collaborated with numerous brands to serve as node validators. In breaking news, it has been reported that the system is supported by the Proof-of-Stake mechanism. In Japan, KDDI has announced the provision of 5G and IoT services. In a recent statement, industry experts suggest that a slight pivot towards Web3 technology could potentially boost the brand’s standing in the market. Further analysis indicates that this strategic move could lead to significant growth and success for the company.

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