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Oasys Blockchain Welcomes Rakuten Wallet as Validator

The blockchain platform Oasys has announced its collaboration with Rakuten Wallet Inc., a prominent cryptocurrency exchange firm based in Japan. The partnership aims to enhance the gaming experience by leveraging blockchain technology. The inclusion of Rakuten Wallet in Oasys’ dynamic network of validators represents a significant advancement in Oasys’ ongoing efforts to transform Web3 within the gaming sector.

Rakuten Wallet, a well-known provider of spot and margin trading services for crypto asset exchange, will participate in the Web3 arena as an Oasys validator through its new initiative, Rakuten Wallet. Furthermore, an ongoing inquiry is being conducted to explore any possible links between the Oasys ecosystem and the services developed by Rakuten Wallet.

This partnership seeks to transform the gaming experience by leveraging the boundless potential of blockchain technology. Rakuten Wallet will provide staking and validation services for Oasys’ proof-of-stake network, a multi-layered, EVM-compatible public blockchain, in line with its stated goal. The collaboration aligns with Oasys’ objective to offer a gaming development ecosystem that is distinguished by stability and high efficiency, featuring fast transaction times and low gas fees.

Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys, has expressed that Rakuten Wallet’s pioneering venture into Web3, coupled with its established proficiency in service operations, wealth of expertise, and broad customer base, will make a substantial contribution to the growth of the Web3 sector in Japan. The commencement of their partnership is marked by their involvement as a validator for the Oasys Chain. The potential for upcoming collaborations to generate novel prospects and revolutionize the Web3 domain is foreseen.

Oasys has bolstered its status as a blockchain platform that prioritizes gaming through collaborations with prominent players in the industry, who have become validators on the network in three successive rounds. The Oasys chain has experienced significant growth, thanks to the involvement of major industry players such as SoftBank, KDDI, Nexon, and MIXI. The recent inclusion of Rakuten Wallet has further enhanced the capabilities of the consortium.

Tatsuya Yamada, CEO of Rakuten Wallet, expressed great enthusiasm for Oasys, a groundbreaking blockchain platform in Japan specifically tailored to the gaming industry. Yamada commended Oasys for its dedication to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience for users and intellectual properties. As a technology company that prioritizes innovation, they are pleased to offer their services as a validator. Furthermore, they express their willingness to further investigate potential synergies with Oasys, specifically in relation to services centered around Web3.

The collaboration will leverage Rakuten Wallet’s vast knowledge of network security and consensus protocols. The partnership between Rakuten’s thriving economy and the Oasys ecosystem is expected to foster ingenuity, leading to the development of innovative solutions that cater to the changing demands of the Web3 gaming epoch.

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