OKX and Polygon Labs Unveil X1 Testnet, a Revolutionary Ethereum-based ZK Layer-2 Network November 15, 2023 November 15, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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OKX and Polygon Labs Unveil X1 Testnet, a Revolutionary Ethereum-based ZK Layer-2 Network

In a groundbreaking strategic collaboration, OKX, a prominent global crypto exchange and Web3 ecosystem, has joined forces with Polygon Labs, a leading international blockchain software technology company. The result is the launch of the X1 testnet, an innovative Ethereum-based Zero Knowledge (ZK) Layer-2 (L2) network designed for high performance and security. This initiative, developed with the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), signals a pivotal step in shaping the future of Web3. This report delves into the details of X1, its features, and the collaborative efforts driving its development.


OKX and Polygon Labs Collaboration:

OKX and Polygon Labs announced the launch of the X1 testnet, a significant stride in introducing a new, highly performant, and secure Ethereum-based ZK Layer-2 network. The collaboration leverages the capabilities of Polygon CDK, showcasing a shared commitment to advancing Ethereum scaling solutions. OKX, a core contributor to Polygon CDK through this collaboration, will allocate substantial engineering resources to enhance the technology stack, contributing to the broader Ethereum ecosystem’s scaling initiatives.


X1: A Developer-Focused On-Chain Ecosystem:

X1, conceived with developers in mind, emerges as a user-friendly protocol offering builders and creators a platform to shape the Web3 landscape. Employing ZK proofs for heightened security and scalability, X1 significantly reduces transaction costs. The network’s compatibility with Ethereum ensures seamless deployment of EVM-based DApps and fosters connectivity with a diverse array of smart contracts, wallets, and tools. OKX’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jason Lau, emphasizes X1’s role in educating and onboarding users into the Web3 world, providing scalability and accessibility for developers to create world-class consumer applications while maintaining interoperability.


Key Features and Token Dynamics:

X1’s native token, OKB, will be used for gas fees on the network, aligning with OKX’s platform token. This native network aims to provide users and developers access to Ethereum’s extensive blockchain ecosystems. The utilization of ZK proofs enhances the network’s security and scalability, presenting an affordable and user-friendly platform for developers to create decentralized apps. OKX anticipates X1 becoming a key pillar in driving mass adoption of Web3.


Future Prospects and Collaborative Vision:

Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon co-founder, expresses enthusiasm for the X1 network, highlighting its potential to bridge the vast OKX community with the broader Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems. The collaboration anticipates advancing technology and success for the X1 network. The X1 network, being part of the larger Polygon CDK ecosystem, opens the door for interoperability and coexistence within a network of ZK-powered L2s.



The unveiling of the X1 testnet marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between OKX and Polygon Labs. With a focus on advancing Ethereum scaling solutions and providing a robust on-chain ecosystem, X1 stands as a testament to the joint commitment of these industry leaders. As the Web3 landscape evolves, X1’s user-friendly approach, security features, and compatibility with Ethereum position it as a formidable player in driving the future of decentralized applications and fostering mass adoption of Web3 technologies.

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