OneOf Launches Creator Mint Platform for Eco-Friendly NFT Creation and Sales September 13, 2023 September 13, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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OneOf Launches Creator Mint Platform for Eco-Friendly NFT Creation and Sales

OneOf, a forward-thinking NFT technology company with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, has unveiled its Creator Mint platform. This innovative platform is designed to provide creators of all sizes with the opportunity to mint, sell, or gift their digital collectibles without incurring any costs.

Renowned for its user-friendly and eco-conscious Web3 platform, OneOf has created an ecosystem that allows fans and consumers to seamlessly purchase or trade digital collectibles, all while eliminating concerns about the underlying blockchain infrastructure.

OneOf’s co-founder and CEO, Lin Dai, has articulated the platform’s overarching mission as “forever upholding creator royalty” while simultaneously opening doors for artists and creators to establish genuine connections with their fans. The significance of this mission lies in breaking down what is often described as an “invisible barrier” in the Web3 space.

Eco-conscious NFT tech company OneOf introduces a platform that empowers creators to mint, sell, and share digital collectibles while upholding creator royalties.

Creators who utilize the Creator Mint platform have the autonomy to establish a 10% resale royalty on all digital assets they mint. Additionally, they can set the price for their digital collections, which can include offerings that are “free-to-claim.”

The public beta version of Creator Mint incorporates features tailored to facilitate easy minting for creators, regardless of their technical skill levels. It offers blockchain support for self-minting on Tezos or Polygon, ensuring zero gas fees and making the process of collecting digital assets accessible to fans who may not have prior Web3 knowledge.

The Creator Mint platform has already attracted a diverse array of creators, including 3D animators, visual artists, digital artists, and musicians. Notable creators who have joined the platform include Andre Oshea, Dzanar, Gabe Weis, Adamtastic, Sian Morson, Jo Jerusalem, Coco Sarai, The Existential Pisces, and Ely.

OneOf’s platform, which initially powered Mastercard’s Artist Accelerator program, is designed to strengthen the connections between creators and their fans, broadening their reach to engage with new audiences.

The Artist Accelerator program officially debuted in April and coincided with the launch of the Mastercard Music Pass. The pass granted holders access to the program’s educational resources, further enhancing the collaboration between Mastercard and Billboard. The partnership included a livestream event hosted on Billboard’s YouTube channel.

Lin Dai, Co-Founder & CEO of OneOf, expressed the platform’s vision, stating, “Creator Mint provides an incredible opportunity for artists and creators of all sizes to forge authentic fan connections, and we pledge to forever uphold creator royalty on the platform.” This commitment underscores OneOf’s dedication to supporting creators in the rapidly evolving world of NFTs while maintaining a sustainable and user-friendly approach to Web3 technology.

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