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Online Blockchain Partners with ElevenLabs to Enhance AI Capabilities

Online Blockchain PLC announced a strategic collaboration with ElevenLabs to bolster the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of their products. The London-based blockchain research and development company revealed that their AI assistant, Synthia, is now leveraging ElevenLabs’ AI-powered text-to-speech models, facilitating the creation of high-quality, human-like dialogue. Furthermore, Online Blockchain is exploring the integration of ElevenLabs’ technology to enable Synthia users to personalize their AI assistant, including the incorporation of a cutting-edge multilingual voice generation model, thereby expanding its accessibility to a global audience.


The Synergy of Online Blockchain and ElevenLabs


Online Blockchain PLC has ventured into a dynamic partnership with ElevenLabs, a firm that recently secured USD 19 million in a series A funding round, spearheaded by the prominent venture capital entity, Andreessen Horowitz. ElevenLabs is currently valued at USD 100 million, demonstrating the robust confidence investors have in their technological prowess.


Clem Chambers, the chief executive of Online Blockchain, lauded the collaboration with ElevenLabs as an exciting venture that merges their extensive technical expertise to explore a broader spectrum of applications for AI. He emphasized their shared enthusiasm for venturing into new markets and propelling innovation and growth in the field of artificial intelligence.


Enhancing Synthia’s Dialogue


Through the partnership with ElevenLabs, Online Blockchain is poised to enrich Synthia’s conversational abilities. By integrating ElevenLabs’ AI-driven text-to-speech models, Synthia is empowered to generate dialogues that exhibit a remarkably human-like quality. This development marks a significant stride towards a more immersive and lifelike AI interaction experience for users.


Personalizing the AI Assistant


Online Blockchain has its sights set on enabling Synthia users to “train” their own AI models, tailoring the assistant to their specific needs and preferences. By adopting ElevenLabs’ technology, this customization process becomes an achievable reality. In particular, users will be able to incorporate a newly developed multilingual voice generation model. This model boasts the impressive capability of accurately generating AI audio content in nearly 30 different languages, thereby potentially expanding Synthia’s user base to millions more around the world.


ElevenLabs: A Rising Star in AI


ElevenLabs’ recent success in securing USD 19 million in funding during a series A round is a testament to their burgeoning prominence in the AI industry. With Andreessen Horowitz, a heavyweight in the venture capital world, leading the investment charge, ElevenLabs has secured its position as a formidable player, valued at a significant USD 100 million.


Looking to the Future


Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain, expressed optimism about the future prospects of this collaboration. He anticipates that this partnership will open new horizons for research, exploring a wide array of use cases and applications for AI. Furthermore, Chambers believes that the synergy between Online Blockchain and ElevenLabs will yield a new era of AI benefits for end users. Their collective efforts will focus on driving innovation and fostering substantial growth.




The partnership between Online Blockchain and ElevenLabs holds great promise for the evolution of AI technology. By incorporating ElevenLabs’ AI-powered text-to-speech models, Synthia is set to offer a more human-like dialogue experience. Additionally, the potential for users to customize their AI assistant with a multilingual voice generation model could vastly expand the accessibility of Synthia to a global audience. ElevenLabs’ recent success in raising funds, backed by Andreessen Horowitz, solidifies their position as a leading player in the AI sector. This collaboration sets the stage for a new chapter in AI innovation, as Online Blockchain and ElevenLabs seek to pioneer novel applications and drive significant growth in the realm of artificial intelligence.

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