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PandoProject Unveils Blockchain Resources Accessibility Solution

The community-oriented platform PandoProject has launched a solution to the issue of online technology availability. The project aims to utilize its community-driven approach to facilitate worldwide user accessibility for blockchain-powered resources such as Decentralized File System, File Editing, File Storage, File Streaming, AI, Security, IoT, and Metaverses.
The PandoProject was envisaged five years back as a response to the increasing demand for blockchain accessibility among global online customers. PandoProject presented its native community-led approach on November 15, 2021, in response to the reality that 37% of the world does not have recourse to the online technology that is accessible as well as the increasing costs of connectivity and inadequate video and data distribution.

The objective of the PandoProject is to enable Plug-and-Play blockchain solutions accessible to a larger user base. The inclusion of BaaS has made it possible for an app or framework to receive decentralized storage, transcoding, and live broadcast functions – a characteristic that the PandoProject incorporates and makes use of through smart contracts that bestow novel attribution methods to DApps. A Private IPFS-based decentralized and distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) system is also employed, in addition to native Pando Network covenants – the PNC20, which imitates the classic TRC20 or any additional systems used to transfer cryptocurrencies. The exemption is that the network handles the native initiative PTX fungible token, whereas PNC721 is for NFTs that will be used on the forthcoming PandoProject NFT Platform.

The Rametron node proprietors of the PandoProject establish a bridge for blockchain usage and development. Rametrons produce PTX by utilizing surplus bandwidth and computational capacity to assist in streaming, storing, and transcoding video and data records throughout the PandoProject. Rametron Mobile is used for advertising and gaming, Rametron Lite for converting data files and videos, Rametron Pro for data storage and transmission, and Rametron Enterprise for live streaming.

Plug-and-Play allows coders to move or install applications, web pages, platforms, apps, and networks on the PandoProject Blockchain. The PTX token, which is presently listed on the LBank and Probit exchanges, is used throughout the complete PandoProject Ecosystem. It is the sole form of exchange for all Pando DApp customers and is created solely by the PandoProject Nodes, guaranteeing a controlled supply and movement and eliminating the prospect of inflation. Taking benefit of its core Proof-of-Stake covenants, which is also additionally lucrative for PandoProject node holders, this strategy generates extraordinarily high demand and makes the PTX immune to price volatility.

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