PARSIQ Unveils Tsunami API on L-2 Ethereum Scaling Solution Arbitrum One January 23, 2023 January 23, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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PARSIQ Unveils Tsunami API on L-2 Ethereum Scaling Solution Arbitrum One

The Layer-2 Ethereum scaling system has already drawn a large group of users and programmers – with the Tsunami API, programmers have access to immediate instantaneous and historical information, as well as powerful searching capabilities and crucial environment monitoring solutions. ”

It will no longer take hours or days “to retrieve and collect information, and it will no longer require weeks to rearrange that information.” With PARSIQ, the procedure is “immediate.” Viewing all of Arbitrum’s information has “never been faster and more efficient than with the Tsunami API.” Arbitrum One has indeed “created a robust DeFi environment” because of its rapid rise in recognition as an Ethereum L2 optimistic rollup scaling option, in addition to the quickness and price-efficiency of its activities.

Arbitrum’s large customer base and builder-friendly mindset make it a perfect match for PARSIQ Connectivity, and they “look forward to collaborating with market leaders.”

The Tsunami API offers customers access to raw information from the full Nitro chain. It also gives the option to apply filtering algorithms, enabling the searching of the whole blockchain record, for instance by the sender, recipient, agreements it communicated with by subject, etc.” Real-time and past raw information allow platforms to monitor whatever events, metrics, or figures they wish, including TVL, liquidity, present, and past token values, APR, APY, ROI, and user amounts.

Speed has always been a difficulty for projects that must make decisions based on previous data, modify and update their metrics, assess the relationship between prior occurrences, etc.

As most programmers are aware, processing this data may often take many hours or even days. With the Tsunami API, programmers can “search more than 33 billion blockchain transactions in less than one second, changing what it implies to retrieve Web3 data fast and simply.”

With the integration of PARSIQ on Arbitrum One, our network will currently have access to instantaneous and historical information, enabling developers to operate wisely and effectively. With the integration of PARSIQ, our community will have access to configurable data plans via the development cycle. Access to data is a fundamental element of web3 development.

Tom Tirman, chief executive officer of PARSIQ, said, “The growth of the Arbitrum customer base and building community is absolutely remarkable. At PARSIQ, we are delighted to help by providing our innovative Tsunami API and a variety of potent indexed data tools for data aggregators, DEXs, and DeFi platforms. We’re delighted to play a role in advancing technological advancement by providing Arbitrum developers with all of their information needs so they can remain focused on product and development.”

Offchain Labs is a Princeton-headquartered business building a spectrum of safe scaling capabilities for Ethereum, according to the update.

Arbitrum asserts that it is “the premier layer 2 scaling provider and has two active blockchains: Arbitrum One, an Optimistic Rollup approach and the preferred option for DeFi dApps, and Arbitrum Nova, an AnyTrust system and home for gaming and social dApps, like Reddit’s community points.”

Without compromising Ethereum’s security, Arbitrum’s technology quickly “grow dApps, greatly decreasing costs and enhancing performance.” Porting agreements to Arbitrum “needs no code modifications or downloads since Arbitrum is completely compatible with EVM.”

In 2022, Arbitrum switched “to its innovative Nitro tech stack, allowing scam proofs over the main engine of Geth collected to WASM, which substantially enhanced the network’s processing capacity while dramatically reducing transaction expenses.”


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