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peaq Welcomes 2blox to Decentralize Mobility Data Collection on Web3

peaq, a pioneering Web3 network propelling the Economy of Things, has announced a significant expansion of its ecosystem through a strategic partnership with 2blox. This collaboration aims to decentralize the collection of mobility data, leveraging 2blox’s innovative approach to building a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) equipped with AI-powered cameras. These cameras serve the purpose of counting pedestrians and various types of transportation on roadways, all while ensuring data sovereignty through the integration of self-sovereign peaq IDs.

Driving Forward Decentralized Mobility Data Collection

The core of this collaboration revolves around enhancing the mobility data collection process through decentralization. 2blox is at the forefront of creating a decentralized infrastructure network empowered by AI-driven cameras, enabling the accurate counting of pedestrians and vehicles on roadways. An integral part of this integration is the incorporation of self-sovereign peaq IDs into the AI-powered cameras, ensuring that data ownership and control remain in the hands of the individuals generating the information.

Empowering Data Monetization through Web3

One of the pivotal outcomes of this integration is the creation of a decentralized application (dApp) that empowers owners of smart cameras to monetize the data they collect. This dApp, built on the peaq network, offers a groundbreaking avenue for individuals to harness the value of the data they contribute to the system. The unique fusion of 2blox’s AI cameras and peaq’s Web3 infrastructure amplifies the potential for data monetization in a transparent and self-sovereign manner.

Significance of Mobility Data

Mobility data stands as a vital resource for various stakeholders, including urban planners, emergency services, and marketers. The effectiveness of crowd-sourced data, as demonstrated by platforms like Waze, underscores the value of incorporating community-generated insights into decision-making processes. By incentivizing individuals to share local traffic data through cryptocurrency rewards, 2blox enhances the accuracy and availability of this critical information.

Innovative Devices and Insights

2blox’s innovative approach to mobility data collection encompasses both stationary and mobile solutions. The MOBI1 sensor, a stationary device, can be positioned at homes to monitor real-time traffic outside. Additionally, the upcoming AI-powered MobiGo mobile app introduces an engaging gamified element, allowing users to “capture” street data in a manner reminiscent of augmented reality games like Pokémon GO. Importantly, the insights generated by these devices are anonymous and devoid of sensitive information.

Synergistic Collaboration with peaq

As 2blox integrates its DePIN with peaq’s layer-1 backbone, the project gains access to the fundamental functions and capabilities of the peaq network. Through this integration, 2blox will outfit its AI cameras with self-sovereign peaq IDs, seamlessly connecting them to the peaq network. Additionally, 2blox will leverage peaq’s Ethereum Virtual Machine chain to develop and implement the smart contracts that underpin the tokenomics of its DePIN.

Fostering Web3’s Growth and Impact

This collaboration underscores the dynamic potential of Web3 networks like peaq in reshaping traditional industries and processes. Through the fusion of AI-powered technology, decentralized infrastructure, and blockchain-based rewards, 2blox and peaq collectively drive forward the democratization of mobility data and its applications.

The emergence of 2blox as a key player within peaq’s ecosystem reflects the platform’s overarching vision to facilitate innovation and inclusivity. As peaq prepares to launch as a Polkadot parachain in early 2024, and with its sister network krest already operational on Kusama, the collaboration with 2blox adds a robust layer to its expanding network.

Empowering Data Contributors

Rémy Gierech, Founder of 2blox, emphasizes the value of rewarding the community for contributing valuable data. The intersection of 2blox’s strategy and peaq’s machine-specific capabilities lays the groundwork for swift growth and progress.

Till Wendler, Co-founder of peaq, expresses enthusiasm for 2blox’s integration, highlighting the alignment between AI-driven data platforms and the principles of Web3. This collaboration exemplifies the fusion of demand, fair rewards, and real-world applications, driving Web3’s mission to reshape industries through decentralized innovation.

With this partnership, peaq’s journey gains momentum as it positions itself at the forefront of Web3’s transformative potential. The integration of 2blox’s innovative DePIN into the peaq ecosystem contributes to a new era of decentralized mobility data collection and rewards within the Web3 landscape.

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