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PEGO Network Partners with SWFT Blockchain to Advance Cross-Blockchain Transfers


PEGO Network, a pioneering Web3 infrastructure, has recently forged a strategic collaboration with SWFT Blockchain, a prominent cross-chain swap aggregator. This partnership is set to propel the expansion of the PEGO Network ecosystem while elevating the overall user experience.

Enhancing Cross-Blockchain Transfer Capabilities

The cornerstone of this alliance involves the integration of SWFT Blockchain’s cutting-edge cross-blockchain transfer technology into the PEGO Network platform. This integration empowers PEGO Network users with the ability to effortlessly transfer their digital assets across diverse blockchains, effectively amplifying the liquidity of their holdings.

Beyond the technical integration, PEGO Network and SWFT Blockchain are embarking on joint marketing and community-building initiatives. These collaborative efforts encompass a spectrum of activities, including co-hosted events, creation of co-branded content, and various endeavors aimed at disseminating knowledge about the advantages of decentralized trading and cross-blockchain transfers.

SWFT Blockchain: A Confluence of Blockchain and AI

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2017, SWFT Blockchain stands as a cross-chain swap aggregator catering to both decentralized and centralized exchanges (DEX/CEX). Leveraging the synergy of blockchain and AI technologies, SWFT Blockchain has extended its support to a myriad of major public chains and over 500 cryptocurrencies. This amalgamation enables users to seamlessly execute cross-chain swaps, characterized by swiftness, security, and cost efficiency. The culmination of six years of dedicated effort has positioned SWFT Blockchain as a noteworthy player in the blockchain landscape.

Strategic Alignment and Anticipated Outcomes

A spokesperson from PEGO Network expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with SWFT Blockchain to integrate their cross-blockchain transfer technology into our ecosystem. This partnership will facilitate a more streamlined and user-centric experience for our valued users.”

This strategic collaboration signifies a significant stride forward for both PEGO Network and SWFT Blockchain. As they collectively advance the boundaries of decentralized trading and cross-blockchain transfers, such alliances emerge as pivotal drivers of innovation within the blockchain industry. In an era of rapid growth and evolution, partnerships of this nature play an instrumental role in expanding the horizons of what can be achieved with blockchain technology.

Empowering Web3 Infrastructure with PEGO Network

PEGO Network takes center stage as a potent Web3 infrastructure, underpinned by the principles of high autonomy, scalability, and sustainability for decentralized applications. At the heart of PEGO’s innovation lies a fully community-driven autonomous Web3 infrastructure, characterized by adaptable on-chain parameters achievable through community-initiated proposals. In consonance with the PPOS consensus, a composite economic incentive mechanism has been established to foster sustainable development within the PEGO ecosystem.

Furthermore, the PEGO blockchain seamlessly integrates with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) system, making it an optimal choice for developers aspiring to construct scalable decentralized applications that harness the potential of Web3 technology.


The collaborative efforts between PEGO Network and SWFT Blockchain signify a pivotal stride toward enhancing the landscape of cross-blockchain transfers and decentralized trading. By synergizing their expertise, these entities are not only expanding the frontiers of blockchain innovation but also reinforcing the user-centric ethos that underpins the Web3 ecosystem. As blockchain technology continues its evolutionary trajectory, strategic partnerships like this stand poised to catalyze transformative advancements and redefine the possibilities within this dynamic industry.

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