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Phantom Galaxies Embarks on Early Access Journey with Unique Offerings

Early Access on Epic Games and Steam Sets New Gaming Standards

Phantom Galaxies, the highly-anticipated online gaming sensation, has unveiled its Early Access launch on both Epic Games and Steam, scheduled for November 2nd, 2023. This momentous occasion is set to redefine the gaming landscape, with each platform presenting distinct offerings to players. Epic Games will introduce pioneering Web3 features, while Steam will provide an option devoid of such integration.


An Epic Voyage Through a Futuristic Universe

Phantom Galaxies transports players on an exhilarating voyage through a futuristic universe, teeming with space exploration and interstellar colonization. The game’s immersive narrative quests enthrall players as they face off against marauding space pirates, with tantalizing rewards including character enhancements and starship upgrades. This multifaceted adventure encompasses both starship piloting and combat, along with interactive 3D space stations that facilitate player interaction with non-playable characters (NPCs).


One of the game’s standout features is the concept of Starfighter ownership through the utilization of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), granting players a sense of unparalleled ownership and customization. Equipment and fusion NFTs enable extensive fighter upgrades. Phantom Galaxies is currently in its open beta phase, introducing recent additions such as a bounty system and daily/weekly quests that offer players opportunities to amass experience points and credits.


A Visionary Future for Phantom Galaxies

The Phantom Galaxies development team harbors ambitious plans for the game’s future, promising an array of exciting features. These future developments include the introduction of arena Player vs. Player (PvP) combat, challenging Player vs. Environment (PvE) raids, and the intriguing possibility of permanent loss of Starfighter NFTs within specific zones, injecting an electrifying element of risk into the gameplay.


Beta — Cohort 4: Defenders of the Stars

Phantom Galaxies continues to ignite excitement with the release of Beta — Cohort 4: Defenders of the Stars, an update that builds upon the success of preceding cohorts. This latest beta playtest ushers in a multitude of fresh elements, ensuring a more immersive and captivating gaming experience.


One noteworthy change in Cohort 4 is the resetting of player progression, with the promise of future resets. This strategic move aligns with the introduction of a novel player progression system, allowing players to meticulously track their advancement. Progression is earned through diverse activities, encompassing the defeat of adversaries, the discovery of coveted loot, and equipment upgrades, all contributing to a Power level system that culminates at level 20.


Enhancements have been incorporated into gear crafting, permitting players to directly procure crafting resources from terminals. The introduction of scaled enemies, tailored to match player levels, guarantees that even the most seasoned pilots face formidable challenges.


Connoisseurs of close-quarters combat will rejoice in the resurgence of the Breacher class mech, armed with Blackhole Missiles, an EMP Shockwave, menacing claw attacks, and a formidable shield ability. Accessible upon completing the tutorial, the Breacher enriches Phantom Galaxies’ mech roster, providing a fresh dimension to gameplay.


Additional refinements encompass an array of user interface enhancements and the introduction of a convenient new screenshot hotkey (F2) for capturing and immortalizing memorable moments within the game.


Phantom Galaxies: Forging New Frontiers in Online Gaming

Phantom Galaxies emerges as a groundbreaking addition to the realm of online gaming, converging a captivating narrative, immersive gameplay, and cutting-edge Web3 features. As the November 2nd, 2023 Early Access launch approaches, players can anticipate an unparalleled gaming experience that combines the best of futuristic storytelling with pioneering technology.

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