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Planetarium Unveils Heimdall Blockchain for Nine Chronicles Mobile Launch

Planetarium, the South Korean game developer, has disclosed its plans to launch a new blockchain named Heimdall in conjunction with the upcoming mobile release of the RPG Nine Chronicles. The announcement, conveyed through a Medium post, outlines the strategic decision to create Heimdall to enhance the gaming experience, accommodate increased transaction volumes expected with the mobile launch, and explore new game balancing and policies.


Heimdall: Addressing Transaction Volume Challenges

As the mobile release of Nine Chronicles approaches on November 22nd, Planetarium acknowledges the necessity for a dedicated blockchain, Heimdall. The primary motivation behind this decision is the anticipation of a surge in transaction volumes within the game due to its fully deployed onchain nature. Recognizing the potential challenges associated with in-game transactions, especially with the introduction to a new distribution platform, Heimdall is designed to handle the increased capacity effectively.


Improved Gaming Experience and Policy Exploration

Planetarium emphasizes the objective of providing players with an enhanced gaming experience through the introduction of Heimdall. The new blockchain not only aims to facilitate seamless transactions but also offers the development team an avenue to explore innovative game balancing strategies and policies. This strategic move reflects Planetarium’s commitment to continually evolve and optimize the gaming environment for Nine Chronicles players.


Heimdall and Odin: Catering to Diverse Gaming Preferences

Heimdall, the upcoming blockchain, is distinct from Odin, the existing blockchain on which the PC-based version of Nine Chronicles is currently deployed. Planetarium justifies this separation by stating it caters to the diverse gaming preferences within its community. The introduction of Heimdall ensures that both new and existing players can embark on a “level-playing field” adventure, each on their preferred blockchain.


Seamless Transition for Existing Players

While current players can continue their gaming journey on Odin, they won’t be able to transfer their game progress, NFTs, or tokens into Nine Chronicles Mobile. However, Odin will offer support for both PC and mobile devices, ensuring existing players can seamlessly transition between platforms. Similarly, new players entering Nine Chronicles Mobile will have the flexibility to enjoy the game on either mobile or PC.


Future Prospects and User Flexibility

The unveiling of Heimdall underscores Planetarium’s forward-looking approach to meet the evolving needs of its gaming community. By addressing transaction volume challenges, enhancing the gaming experience, and offering flexibility to players, the new blockchain is poised to play a pivotal role in the success of Nine Chronicles Mobile. As the mobile gaming landscape continues to evolve, Heimdall represents a strategic move to provide a dynamic and enjoyable gaming environment for both new and existing players. Notably, there is no provision to move NFT characters on the Odin chain to Heimdall, and vice versa.

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