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PlanetPalz: Revolutionizing MOBA Gaming with Blockchain in the Web3 Era

In a move poised to merge the strategic allure of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) gameplay with the security and innovation of blockchain technology, Interplanetary Games Ltd. is introducing PlanetPalz, a highly anticipated Web3 game. PlanetPalz is set to revolutionize the MOBA genre by infusing it with the capabilities of blockchain technology.

MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota 2 have long been a cornerstone of the gaming world, captivating players with their strategic gameplay and vibrant communities. Now, Interplanetary Games Ltd. aims to propel this genre into the realm of Web3 gaming with the introduction of PlanetPalz.

PlanetPalz offers a distinctive fusion of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) and MOBA gameplay within a blockchain-powered universe. The game’s immersive setting is the expansive realm of PlanetPalz, where players can partake in exhilarating MOBA battles and collaborate within multiplayer guilds. This unique gaming experience is characterized by two distinct character forms: Elders and Titans. Elders are responsible for producing trace materials that players can gather and refine, while Titans, formed from these materials, take on humanoid shapes.

In PlanetPalz, players have the flexibility to deploy their Titans across a variety of game modes. They can choose to compete individually in ranked leagues or band together to conquer territories within the richly detailed world of PlanetPalz. To enhance their Titan’s prowess, players can equip them with accessories and weapons. Victorious battles yield valuable rewards, including elements, materials, and the in-game token, Galaxy Dust ($DUST).

PlanetPalz has set its sights on lowering entry barriers and attracting Web2 gamers by simplifying the sign-up process and reducing costs. To realize this vision, a scalable infrastructure is crucial, and this is where Immutable’s EVM-compatible zk-rollup technology, known as Immutable zkEVM, steps in. Immutable zkEVM equips PlanetPalz with custom smart contract capabilities, advanced gameplay mechanics, a robust tokenomics system, and a secure, cost-effective trading environment.

William Baker, the Founder and COO of Interplanetary Games Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Polygon through Immutable, emphasizing the expansion of their reach and the streamlining of development timelines for both the team and players.

Behind the scenes of PlanetPalz is a dedicated team comprised of gamers, developers, and artists, led by the Baker brothers, Luke (CTO) and William (COO). Luke, renowned for building the first Cardano NFT marketplace, contributes his technical expertise, while William, an accomplished designer and entrepreneur, infuses the project with his creative vision.

PlanetPalz embarked on its journey with an initial NFT launch in 2021, which saw all 12,000 NFTs sold out, raising an impressive $500,000 to independently fund the project. Since then, the PlanetPalz community has experienced substantial growth, boasting over 2,200 NFT holders, 10,000 social media followers, 1,000 pre-launch registered users, and the establishment of 40 guilds.

Building on this early success, PlanetPalz conducted a two-week Minimum Viable Product (MVP) test in March 2023, aptly named “The League of Blockchain,” which garnered significant interest. The team is now gearing up for the online beta phase and the official game launch slated for 2024, with plans to release a mobile version in 2026.

With its innovative blend of MOBA gaming and blockchain technology, PlanetPalz promises an exhilarating future for blockchain gaming enthusiasts and Web2 gamers seeking new horizons in the digital frontier of Web3 gaming.

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