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Play-to-Earn NFT Platform Splinterland Hits 100,000 Users

Splinterlands, an NFT trading card gaming environment, has surpassed a landmark of 100,000 members on its platform. Players may use the cutting-edge platform, which is developed on the Hive blockchain, at any moment and exchange game cards.

Because the platform is pay-to-win, players are compensated with Dark Energy Crystals, the game’s indigenous cryptocurrency, per each win (DEC). Daily mission accomplishment and bi-weekly season rewards are in the format of non-fungible tokens that are shown to be precious and rare (NFTs).

The 100,000-user landmark reached by Splinterlands demonstrates the breadth of prospective NFT applications. In this scenario, the platform’s NFT play-to-earn strategy keeps players engaged. Splinterlands has developed a technique to build genuine and organic worth in its gaming products, contrasting traditional gaming, where game advancement and top scores have no actual worth.

Users can, for example, forever possess cards and perhaps gain more as they engage with the Summoner’s Spellbook upgrade. Even those who want to take a more minimal role might profit by leasing their cards to aggressive players.

Splinterlands was established in 2018 with the purpose of building a community using blockchain trading cards. Since then, it has awarded millions of dollars in prizes. The network boasts a daily card trade volume of over $20,000, with a median of 600,000 blockchain transactions each day. The market cap is $25 million, according to this post from three days ago. Dr. Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, CEO and co-founder of Splinterland, says:

“This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the community. Positive reaction has been overwhelming, and the community is expanding with each day. They energize themselves by backing us and participating in our game, which allows us to continue to provide them with value and incentives in any manner we can. It’s really nice […] We always prioritize the community. They are our most valuable assets, therefore we want to motivate them by guaranteeing that they receive their fair share of value and incentives. We make every effort to hear them out and never take them lightly. We’ll develop this as the first mainstream blockchain game with their assistance.”

Members of Splinterland can generate income by taking part in activities like content production, in accordance with the company’s aim of building and supporting community. Gamers may exchange material such as basic knowledge and gaming accomplishments via the Splintertalk blogging platform. They can also participate in competitions. Every day, around 100 new postings are posted to the platform.

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