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Police Protects Tron Blockchain Firm’s Office From Investors Deluded By Shadow Firm

According to a message posted by a twiterati with handle ‘Crypto Authority,’ Tron’s Beijing office is protected by local police as crowd who mistook the company for another similar sounding name involved in a Ponzi scheme tried to ram into the blockchain firm’s office.

Numerous videos have been posted on Twitter showing Tron’s office surrounded by police officers, and defrauded investors expressing anguish about the crypto scam that resulted in a monetary loss of $30 million and a suicide.

The videos show misinformed people shouting slogans such as “Tron is a scam.” Tron has not issue any official statement on the issue. However, Tron Foundation’s CEO Justin sun had warned investors not to get trapped by scams that use names that sound similar to Tron or its p2p file sharing protocol BitTorrent.

Three days back Justin Sun had cautioned investors not to fall in trap of fraudulent schemes that use Tron’s name. He tweeted

“As a leading blockchain protocol, there are Ponzi schemes using TRON, BitTorrent or uTorrent names like “MMM bitcoin, Ethereum pyramid & EOS ecosystem schemes.We will never ask you to send money.”

Justin Sun’s message followed news reports alleging a crypto scam under the name “Wave Field Super Community,” which local investors mistook for Tron as the blockchain firm is locally referred to as “Wave Field.”

Nuclear Finance, a Chinese news agency, has stated that “Wave Field Super Community” was unveiled in January 2019, with claims of being a “super representative” of Tron. Even though investors requested Justin Sun and Tron blockchain to clear the air, so far there has been no response.

As there was no reply, people became angry and marched to Tron’s office to express their disappointment over the company’s hesitation in providing clarification. Mati Greenspan, eToro’s Senior Market Analyst, has stated that police has actually arrive to safeguard Tron’s office from angry investors.

Greenspan issued the following clarification through a tweet:

“A lot of misinformation floating around, so to clarify. The Tron office wasn’t raided by the cops. Tron was the one who called the police to protect them from investors who are upset that Tron scammed them.”

Some twiteratis took this as a chance to poke Tron, which is known for announcing a flurry of partnerships, by saying that it is a new collaboration between Tron and domestic police department.

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