Polkadot Sets New Speed Record, Minting Nearly 5,000 NFTs per Minute Feb 7, 2024 Feb 7, 2024 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Polkadot Sets New Speed Record, Minting Nearly 5,000 NFTs per Minute

Polkadot, the Web3 protocol, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by setting a new blockchain speed record, successfully minting an impressive 4,930 NFTs per minute. This surpasses previous records held by Solana and Polygon, marking a significant advancement in the capabilities of the Polkadot network.

“Record-Breaking NFT Drop for Forever Has Fallen Game”

The achievement occurred during an NFT drop for the interactive storytelling game Forever Has Fallen, utilizing Polkadot’s Unique Network parachain specifically designed for composable NFTs. The NFTs, known as Bounty Hunter Tickets (BHTs), grant access to the Hunters’ Lair within Forever Has Fallen, playing a crucial role in enhancing the overall gaming experience.

“Upcoming Integration to Further Boost Polkadot’s Speed and Efficiency”

The success of this record-setting event precedes the anticipated integration of Asynchronous Backing (AB) into Polkadot, a development that promises to enhance the speed and efficiency of the Layer-0 even further. This integration is expected to reinforce Polkadot’s position as a leading choice for web3 games seeking a rapid and reliable method to distribute large quantities of NFTs to their player base.

“Strategic Choice: Polkadot Selected for Mass NFT Minting”

Incite, the developers behind Forever Has Fallen, meticulously tested various blockchains for their NFT minting process, considering factors such as speed, gas fees, and overall performance. After minting 300,000 NFTs through this extensive testing process, the team strategically chose Polkadot, deeming its infrastructure ideal for the task at hand. This strategic decision not only led to the establishment of a new speed record but also positions Polkadot as an attractive option for web3 games requiring swift and reliable NFT distribution.

“Enabling a Seamless Web2-Type Experience”

Kimon Lycos, Founder and CEO of Incite, emphasized the desire to integrate Web3 elements seamlessly, stating that Polkadot’s speed allows them to offer users a Web2-type experience characterized by instant gratification. The efficiency demonstrated in minting nearly 5,000 NFTs per minute showcases Polkadot’s capability to support user-friendly and swift interactions in the evolving landscape of blockchain gaming.

“Polkadot’s Flexibility and Business Case Appeal”

Alexandar Mitrovic, CEO of Unique Network, praised Polkadot’s flexibility, highlighting the success of the Forever Has Fallen Bounty Hunter Ticket mint as an opportunity to present a compelling business case targeting mass consumers. The achievement underscores Polkadot’s potential to attract a broader audience and solidifies its position as a versatile and high-performance Web3 protocol.

The recent speed record set by Polkadot in NFT minting not only outpaces competitors but also establishes the protocol as a preferred choice for developers and businesses seeking optimal speed, efficiency, and flexibility in the rapidly expanding realm of web3 technologies.

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