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Presearch and MASQ Forge Alliance for a Decentralized Web3 Future

In an exciting development, proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with MASQ, the visionary force behind the web3-compatible MASQ Browser. This collaboration is a testament to the shared commitment of both entities to redefine the online experience, prioritizing privacy and decentralization.

Presearch as the Default Search Engine:

With the launch of MASQ Browser’s latest update (v0.8.5), Presearch assumes the role of the default search engine, seamlessly integrating into the MASQ ecosystem. Positioned as a beacon for privacy in the digital era, Presearch is a decentralized search engine championing user privacy and transparency. Through the utilization of blockchain technology, Presearch empowers users to control their search data, rewarding engagement with PRE tokens and unlocking unique features within its ecosystem.

Shared Vision for a Decentralized Future:

Tim Enneking, CEO of Inc., expressed his pride in Presearch being chosen as the exclusive search engine for MASQ Browser. He emphasized the significance of this choice and highlighted the confidence it reflects in the ethos, structure, and execution of the Presearch team. Enneking underscored the potential synergy in enabling Presearch node runners, boasting one of the world’s largest node networks, to operate a MASQ VPN node on the existing infrastructure, which has already been fully funded. The collaboration, he emphasized, holds immense advantages for both projects and anticipates a fruitful partnership with MASQ and its community.

Advantages of the Partnership:

The alliance between Presearch and MASQ signifies a united vision for a decentralized, user-centric future on the internet. As Presearch becomes the cornerstone of search functionality within MASQ Browser, users can anticipate an elevated level of privacy in their searches, unrestricted access to diverse search indexes, and a seamlessly integrated search experience in their daily online interactions.

MASQ’s Perspective on the Partnership:

Kauri Hero, MASQ Project Lead, and Co-founder expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Presearch and their extensive network of decentralized Node runners. He highlighted the shared goal of adding value to both communities, particularly focusing on users willingly sharing their bandwidth. Hero conveyed optimism about the bright future of web3, emphasizing the strength of partnerships like the one forged with Presearch.

Ongoing Collaboration and Future Initiatives:

The collaboration between Presearch and MASQ extends beyond the integration into the MASQ Browser. Both entities are actively engaged in discussions about future initiatives. They invite their communities to connect on social platforms to stay informed about upcoming events and announcements. The commitment to enhancing user engagement and understanding is evident through planned webinars, AMA sessions, and other informative initiatives.


The alliance between Presearch and MASQ signals a pivotal step toward realizing a decentralized and user-centric future for the internet. As both entities pool their strengths and resources, users can anticipate an enriched online experience with heightened privacy, seamless integration, and a commitment to ongoing collaboration and transparency. The partnership sets the stage for innovative developments that will shape the landscape of the evolving web3 ecosystem.

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