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PUBG Creator to Enter Metaverse with NFT based Game

Brendan Greene, the developer of PUBG, is transitioning to the metaverse and blockchain technology with a novel NFT-based game that will be “built for everybody,” not money. This is part of a long-term strategy that began three years back when he quit the PUBG development team to launch PlayerUnknown Productions in Amsterdam.

It is building Artemis, a digital metaverse with an AI population, similar to a planet-sized Roblox environment populated by NPCs in which you may trade NFTs and generate real money.

Greene stated, “I’m obviously going to carry out what I’m gonna do” (thanks, Eurogamer). [Artemis is] this phenomenon that we want to develop, and it will provide individuals with a great deal of fun, joy, and significant activities. But it makes no difference if it is dubbed the metaverse. I care not what others choose to name it.

We’re creating a digital space,” said Greene. “This must have a functioning economy and operational processes. And I do think that you ought to be able to derive value from a virtual realm; it must be similar to the Internet, where you can do things that generate revenue. However, this is not about Chanel and Louis Vuitton. It’s a young man named AwesomePickle who is selling fantastic skins because he knows what people desire.

NFTs have been a popular issue in the gaming industry for some time. Ubisoft revealed its own ambitions to enter the blockchain and NFT markets, but these did not sell well and were met with much opposition. As a result, Ubisoft withdrew and stated that it was “in research mode.”

Considering that NFTs are constructed on top of bitcoin, a very energy-oriented type of cash, the ecological unfriendliness of NFTs is a contributing factor to the pushback. Consequently, metaverses have proved to be controversial in the broader gaming industry, as seen by Mark Zuckerberg’s viral revelation. After he shared a digital selfie posed in front of a computerized version of the Eiffel Tower, it was primarily ridiculed for its graphics.

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