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Qila’s Innovative Blockchain Solutions

In a dynamic stride towards fortifying enterprise data security, Qila, conceived by Sid Ugrankar and Vishal Malhotra, strives to offer impregnable data storage solutions through the application of blockchain technology. Pioneering features like PrivaSea and GoTrust empower tangible asset tokenization, creating digital imprints of physical or virtual assets on a privately dedicated and managed blockchain network.


Qila’s Distinctive Solutions Empower Diverse Sectors


Qila’s trailblazing solutions cater to a spectrum of industries including real estate, healthcare, government, supply chain, and BFSI. The proprietary PrivaSea and GoTrust solutions guarantee exclusive ownership of data to the customer, ensuring its imperviousness to modifications. Sid Ugrankar, Co-Founder & CEO of Qila, elucidated, “Once a company enrolls, they can seamlessly integrate using the API, initiating the transfer of data to the blockchain, stored in a chain format intrinsic to blockchain technology.”


Qila’s Innovative Approach to Blockchain Adoption


By providing blockchain as a service, Qila addresses the formidable challenge of establishing and managing dedicated blockchain networks. Ugrankar further added, “This managed service offering alleviates enterprises from the intricacies and expenses associated with setting up their individual platforms.” Qila’s Ark and Ark+distributions facilitate rapid adoption of blockchain technology. Through the Ark plus platform, users can escalate security measures by transitioning from a shared, multi-tenanted setup to a dedicated network.



Blockchain as a Catalyst for Security Enhancement


Vishal Malhotra, Co-Founder of Qila, emphasized, “Blockchain is the most secure technology available till date.” He underlined its use in Cryptocurrency, where transactions remain secure and anonymous. For the BFSI sector, Qila augments collaboration and operational intelligence, while the supply chain benefits from enhanced visibility and streamlined inventory tracking. In the public sector, Qila’s solution contributes to improved tax compliance and corruption reduction.



Qila’s Potential Impact on Healthcare and Real Estate


The healthcare sector stands to gain from Qila’s ability to track fraudulent activities in pharmaceutical testing and distribution. Real estate, on the other hand, can leverage Qila for direct customer engagement in processes like land registration and fractionalization.


Blockchain-as-a-Service: Empowering Enterprises


Qila, a Blockchain-as-a-Service offering, facilitates enterprise blockchain adoption with a managed network infrastructure. Serial entrepreneurs Sid Ugrankar and Vishal Malhotra, who previously collaborated on Smart Wireless Pvt Ltd and SmartCirqls, envision Qila as a transformative force for enterprises adopting blockchain seamlessly. Headquartered in Mumbai, Qila extends its footprint with offices in Dubai and Chicago.


In conclusion, Qila emerges as a beacon in the rapidly evolving landscape of enterprise data security, spearheading blockchain adoption across diverse sectors with innovative solutions and a robust Blockchain-as-a-Service platform.

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