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QPQ Facilitates Setting Up Advanced Blockchain Framework for Web3 Apps

Blockchain-focused development teams will be able to establish their framework upon demand and in a matter of a few minutes using QPQ’s 1DLT facility. Through the interactive menu, developers will be able to select nodes, networks, consensus providers, and other redundancy features in a span of a few minutes, paving way for the development teams to deploy smart contracts.

Notably, EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based smart contract can be built by developer teams using 1DLT and link it easily to several blockchains and DLTs with instantaneous interoperability. Through a single source of contact, the Dev Team will have multiple links. 1DLT will annex other chains as they become prominent making it “Only a single step to anywhere.”

The product allows scaling up and claims a TPS (transaction processing speed) of 20,000. This makes 1DLT extremely fast, with completion of settlement in less than 10 seconds i.e. 120x quicker than the Ethereum blockchain. Transactions will cost only a few cents instead of several dollars. Also, customers are offered a range of public consensus providers to choose from.

1DLT is creating the network. So there is no need for Dev Teams to work on it. The 1DLT platform utilizes the vigor of real interoperability to bring together the speed of super quick routes to consent with the Ethereum smart contract.

Notably, 1DLT facilitates Web3 apps to function on a private or public network backed with complete trust and openness of consensus on the renowned platforms of the public network. Each unique transaction will be subject to a consensus procedure. Furthermore, there will be a complete audit trail to facilitate the monitoring of each and every activity. There will not be any batching or centralization.

The alpha version, named the first drop, is currently available. The beta version is planned to be released in July.

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