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QRDO Foundation and EQ LAB Collaborate to Unveil Warden Protocol

The QRDO Foundation, committed to advancing the QRDO ecosystem, has revealed a strategic partnership with EQ LAB, a prominent blockchain developer lab. The collaboration aims to launch the Warden Protocol, a groundbreaking initiative set to expedite the introduction of an intent-based interoperability protocol built on Cosmos and grounded in the Fusionchain primitive.

Unveiling the Warden Protocol

The Warden Protocol emerges as a modular, intent-centric blockchain constructed on the Cosmos-SDK framework. Fundamentally, it empowers users to establish Spaces and Wallets across diverse blockchains, managing their activities through on-chain intents. The protocol facilitates the creation of intricate multi-leg transactions, safeguarding cross-chain activities via complex intents, all enforced on-chain by the Warden Protocol.

Empowering Builders in the Space

Warden facilitates the deployment of smart contracts on Cosmos using Solidity and WebAssembly, offering a modular marketplace for key management solutions, ranging from HSM solutions to multi-party computation providers.

A spokesperson for the QRDO Foundation expressed enthusiasm, stating, “The Warden Protocol signifies the next evolution in intent and interoperability primitives. Our collaboration with the EQ LAB team ensures the realization of a decentralized and open, intent-centric interoperability, and key management protocol for QRDO token holders.”

Broad Industry Support for Warden Protocol

Several applications have pledged support to deploy on Warden, including EQ.finance, a liquid staking hub for Cosmos; WARDD, a USD-pegged decentralized stablecoin; Marginly, a pluggable protocol for decentralized funding pools enabling margin trading on any spot DEX; and SpaceWard, a SAFE-like platform for wallet management and governance.

EQ LAB as Core Contributors

EQ LAB will serve as the core contributor team for the Warden Protocol, bringing onboard an extensive team of 15 core developers. Alex Melikhov, founder of EQ LAB, expressed satisfaction, stating, “We are pleased to be contributing to the establishment of the Warden Protocol. As an experienced team of qualified blockchain developers, we envision a promising future in the Cosmos ecosystem, unlocking incredible value for the QRDO and Q token holder communities.”

Conclusion: Paving the Way for a Decentralized Future

The collaboration between the QRDO Foundation and EQ LAB marks a significant milestone in advancing blockchain interoperability through the introduction of the Warden Protocol. This innovative initiative holds the potential to revolutionize how intent and interoperability primitives are approached, fostering a decentralized and open landscape for QRDO token holders and the broader blockchain community.

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