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Q’s Blockchain Signs Up Deutsche Telekom as Provider of Validation Nodes

For Q’s blockchain network, T-Systems MMS will offer validation nodes. As a result, the Deutsche Telekom affiliate will be able to facilitate safe transactions. T-Systems MMS also obtains Q tokens and voting privileges in the network administration. T-Systems MMS is among the few root node operators to serve the network, with many years of expertise in the blockchain space.

It continues to actively take partin the Q blockchain and aids in determining its path. Q is a new blockchain with an emphasis on enforcing and open governance. Q is an open source platform that allows users to create decentralized financial applications (DeFi) on the cryptocurrency environment.

The Q-Blockchain system brings together the benefits of a public, decentralized system with the “Q-Constitution” openness. The Q-Constitution is a reliable, dependable collection of guidelines for all members, as well as the foundation for network collaboration. Operators of root nodes, such as T-Systems MMS, guarantee that the architecture is followed. This safeguards the interests of the network’s members.

The Open Telekom Cloud is used by the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary to provide and protect framework. It complies with the European legislative framework’s stringent safety and compliance standards. The Open Telekom Cloud enables the blockchain platform Q’s autonomy, decentralization, and resiliency.

Oliver Nyderle, who heads the Blockchain Solutions Center at T-Systems MMS, said

“For business-focused apps, firms are sluggish to embrace blockchain-powered systems. Their judgments are heavily influenced by management and the prolonged safety of corresponding systems. As a result, we back Q’s efforts to improve network safety by establishing stable framework environment and assisting in the network’s long-term development. As a result, we are assisting in the expansion of the blockchain environment.”

Nicolas Biagosch, Board of Directors of Q Development AG, said

“T-Systems MMS is happy to be a part of the Q network by running both a validator and a root node. T-Systems MMS offers a very competent approach to maintaining decentralized architecture, thanks to their telecommunications expertise. They were already engaged on Q’s testnet, and their technological aptitude and understanding of decentralized governance intrigued us.”

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