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Quantfury Launches App To Trade All Markets With Crypto Holding

Quantfury presents a state-of-the-art trading app which handily bridges the cryptocurrency and traditional markets in a user-friendly, flawless, and comprehensive manner. Quantfury offers a user-friendly trading application accessible by both iOS and Android users.

It’s targeted towards cryptocurrency owners who desire to take part in other conventional markets and leverage their crypto holdings to trade fiat pairs, equities, commodities, and, of course, other cryptocurrencies.

The app offers a genuinely indispensable use case while, at the same time, remaining exceptionally accessible and simple to use. Upon downloading and registering in the app, clients can easily choose the leverage they want for fiat trading. In turn, they would have to post the requisite cryptocurrency as collateral. Two vital things need to be taken into consideration here.

To begin with, users do not dilute their cryptocurrency holdings to Quantfury when freezing it. It is only utilized as collateral which secures the possible losses. Second, upon freezing the required collateral in BTC, ETH, or USDT, users will be given leverage of up to 20 times their collateral.

As an example, let’s say a user has locked $100 worth of Bitcoin as collateral in the Quantfury trading app. The user will inevitably receive 20x that amount ($2,000) in fiat trading capability. It can then be utilized to trade in traditional markets – commodities, equities, fiat pairs, as well as crypto. A significant thing to have in mind is that client’s trading power stays $2,000, even if there is a loss of $10 on trading Tesla shares. While the $10 will be deducted from client’s collateral, overall trading power will remain unaltered.

All the profits generated from trading on the chosen market will be converted without human intervention into the original cryptocurrency that was locked as collateral. Clients can withdraw them at any time. Apart from being exceptionally convenient, Quantfury’s trading app is also effective. All of the above comes at unconditionally no cost for the client. There are no commissions or leverage fees that you have to be concerned about and calculate into your trading margins.

The platform offers real-time prices which are obtained straight from international exchanges.

Gregory Kim, CEO of Quantfury, said:

“Every Quantfury user trades with no commissions, leverage fees or any other type of fees, which is unmatched in the retail trading industry. Our users buy and sell equities, cryptocurrencies, fiat pairs and commodities at the best bid and ask prices delivered directly from the global exchanges. Quantfury makes crypto holders access and trade markets with vastly superior conditions than those who use their credit cards and bank accounts to do so.”

Confirming to the company’s legitimacy and aim to modify the retail trading market for good is the fact that Quantfury has already gotten institutional funding from Invictus Capital and the Hyperion Fund.

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