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ReadON Joins Cointelegraph Accelerator to Empower Content Creators with Web3 Solutions

In a bid to reshape the creator economy and empower content creators, ReadON, a decentralized content platform compatible with Web2, has partnered with the Cointelegraph Accelerator program. This collaboration seeks to introduce Web3 solutions to a global audience, providing more control and transparency for creators and users alike.

The Rise of Web3: Empowering Content Creators

The creator economy, valued at $100 billion, has thrived on the back of social media and digital content platforms. However, content creators have often faced challenges on centralized platforms like YouTube and Twitter, with limited incentives and control over their content. To reclaim their power and promote better content creation, the emerging Web3-friendly platforms offer a community-driven economy that rewards creators for their contributions.

ReadON’s Vision for a More Equitable Digital Ecosystem

ReadON’s entry into the Cointelegraph Accelerator program signals its mission to revolutionize content distribution through Web3 solutions. Utilizing blockchain technology’s transparency and immutability, ReadON places content creators at the forefront, fostering a more equitable digital information ecosystem.

Content Contracts and Ownership Transparency

ReadON employs content contracts that establish a unified distribution layer with standardized formats, including titles, subtitles, and article bodies. This framework accommodates diverse content styles while preserving content integrity. To ensure ownership transparency, ReadON incorporates a unique string generation tool that simplifies user and content verification processes. This string can be embedded as a watermark or URL, providing clear ownership.

Mobile Apps and Democratized Curation

With approximately 30,000 daily active users, ReadON’s mobile apps cater to a user base primarily located in emerging blockchain markets. Recently, the platform launched “Pick,” an on-chain curation feature empowering users to vote for their favorite content and participate actively in content recommendation. This addresses concerns about opaque content distribution algorithms on centralized platforms.

Cointelegraph Accelerator: Enabling ReadON’s Web3 Journey

Recognizing ReadON’s strong background in social app development and engineering, Cointelegraph Accelerator welcomed the project as a participant. This partnership offers valuable support and guidance, including workshops with industry experts, marketing strategy assistance, and access to Cointelegraph’s media expertise.

Capitalizing on this collaboration, ReadON aims to combine its product development and engineering foundation with Cointelegraph’s resources, knowledge, and network. By blending the enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies from emerging markets with industry insights, ReadON aspires to build a content bridge into the crypto world, providing enhanced opportunities for content creators and users in the Web3 era.

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