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Revoland and Seagm & Gamer Exchange Partner for Blockchain Games Development

GameFi Revoland, located in the United Kingdom, has announced a collaboration with Gamer Exchange and SEAGM to develop futuristic Blockchain games. GameFi and conventional gaming top-ups have never worked together until this partnership. With the formal release of REVOLAND in April, players will be able to play the first blockchain-based MOBA game. Players may establish a team with friends, compete against one other, and earn tokens for their specific abilities in the blockchain-powered multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Revoland.

The action in Revoland is meant to test players’ personal strengths and collaboration in a number of game types, with appealing monthly score incentives. Revoland now has over 200,000 admirers on social media networks and expects to have over 300,000 global users at busy times.

Joseph Chua, Director of Gamer Exchange, commented: “In this continent, the partnership between Revoland and Gamer Exchange will lay the groundwork for play-to-earn games. Many gaming partners contacted us for partnership, and we were concerned about their credibility, safety, and long-term viability. I’m pleased to inform that we have found Revoland to be a trustable, secure, and long-term associate. We’re all really enthusiastic for what’s to come as we march into GameFi and the metaverse by joining hands with Revoland.”

The play-to-earn model is used in Revoland, as it is in other blockchain plays, compensating participants for playing games and engaging in in-game economic activities, which let users to purchase and trade game-linked NFTs.

Revoland, being a blockchain-powered game, allows players ultimate ownership on their digital content, contradicting conventional gaming models like free-to-play with in-game buys or pay-to-play. The main objective for GameFi’s existence is to provide a better method for gamers to make cash and to enhance global financial inclusiveness.

Nevertheless, blockchain games have mostly failed to meet the expectations of the general public. The fact that many of the original participants do not really know how and when to top up for the initial time has impeded this objective.

With SEAGM, Revoland blends the capabilities of conventional and blockchain-powered payment pathways, while taking and paying out conventional cash in local location. Revoland receives entry to untested markets and fans thanks to SEAGM.

SEAGM has more than 11 million active users worldwide and more than 100 global payment methods to fulfill a variety of user demands, making it a viable option for reaching targeted markets. Revoland is establishing a complete network that offers simple payment solutions for worldwide users, particularly in Southeast Asia, to engage and expand the global society, based on a varied and safe transactional methodology.

Tommy Chieng, CEO of SEAGM said: “We’re ecstatic to collaborate with Revoland on the Easy Payment Solution, which simplifies payments for Revoland customers. Traditional gaming and GameFi have always seemed to me to be on the cusp of merging. This cooperation enables SEAGM to compete more effectively in the gaming industry, and the stream of products we have planned will undoubtedly thrill the customers.”

Chain X Game, a Metaverse Game development business based in London that focuses on conventional game + blockchain innovation, is working on Revoland. Puppy Planet, Chain X Game’s debut venture, was a big success, with many goals completed in only three months. To keep Chain X Gaming’s innovation momentum going, the team is providing Revoland’s gamers with brand-new and intense “play to earn” game experiences via the most famous games kinds now available.

Chain X Game has been heavily active in the GameFi sector’s growth and advancement. The cooperation with SEAGM resolves the payment problem, which is critical in lowering the entrance hurdles to GameFi for more Southeast Asian players. Simultaneously, Chain X Game is nonetheless ushering in Web3.0, but also drawing players nearer to the Metaverse. Furthermore, Chain X Game has implemented several GameFi ideas and created an interactive experience in play-to-earn games, allowing gamers in Revoland to have a superior playing experience and earn a lot of money.

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