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Revolutionizing Gaming: Immutable’s Blockchain Integration

Blockchain-focused gaming startup, Immutable, has achieved a significant milestone by seamlessly incorporating its layer-2 Ethereum blockchain, Immutable X, into various gaming titles. This strategic move aims to enhance on-chain interactions, providing a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to Ethereum’s mainnet. These games have now found a home on the renowned Epic Games Store, amplifying their accessibility and appeal.


Avalon: Unveiling a Medieval MMORPG Adventure


One noteworthy addition to the Epic Games Store is “Avalon,” an open-world MMORPG set in a medieval realm. Players can immerse themselves in character creation, item crafting, quest completion, and exploration of a vast world filled with dragons and breathtaking landscapes. Utilizing the Immutable zkEVM blockchain, every element, from characters to mounts, buildings, and forges, exists as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The anticipated launch of Avalon for PC players on the Epic Games Store is slated for 2024.


Blocklords: Managing a Medieval Village in a Strategy MMO


The intriguing title “Blocklords” offers players the experience of building and managing a medieval village within a strategy and simulation MMO. Players must defend their land, oversee workers in resource gathering, and make pivotal decisions with various consequences. Blocklords employs both the Immutable X and Polygon blockchains for its optional NFTs, enriching the gaming experience with decentralized elements.


Delysium: A Sci-Fi MMORPG with Blockchain and AI Integration


In the developmental stages, “Delysium” is a sci-fi MMORPG blending blockchain and AI elements. With a scheduled release in 2025, players will utilize AGI tokens to influence game changes and purchase NFTs on Immutable’s marketplace to personalize their characters and weapons.


Illuvium: Early Access to an NFT-Powered Exploration Game


“Illuvium,” currently in early access, introduces players to an open-world exploration and pet autobattler NFT game. Combining “Overworld,” a sci-fi exploration game, and “Arena,” a pet autobattler, all in-game NFTs, including Illuvials and cosmetic items, are powered by the Immutable X blockchain.


Metalcore: Early Access First-Person Shooter and Mech Game


The early access first-person shooter and mech operating game, “Metalcore,” relies on the Immutable zkEVM blockchain to host its NFTs, encompassing vehicles, weapons, and crafting elements. Additionally, “Space Nation Online,” an MMORPG with Roland Emmerich as the director, is set to provide NFTs through the Immutable zkEVM network.


While these games showcase the integration of Immutable’s crypto elements on the Epic Games Store, other notable titles include “Age of Zalmoxis,” “The Lost Glitches,” “Aviatrix,” “Chain Monsters,” and “Citizen Conflict.”


Gods Unchained: The Missing Card in the Deck


Interestingly, the popular NFT trading card game developed by Immutable, “Gods Unchained,” was once available on the Epic Games Store but has been removed under circumstances yet to be officially confirmed. Speculations hint at concerns about the game being perceived as a form of “gambling.”


The Future of Gaming: Blockchain’s Ever-Expanding Influence


With blockchain technology making significant inroads into the gaming industry, players can anticipate more innovative and immersive experiences, redefining their interactions with virtual worlds. Immutable’s seamless integration into the Epic Games Store marks a pivotal step toward this futuristic gaming landscape.

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