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Revolutionizing iGaming: 0xino Empowers Players through Web3 Innovation

In a groundbreaking move within the realm of online gambling, 0xino, a promising Web3 project integrated with DeGaming’s iGaming platform, seeks to disrupt the traditional power dynamics between players and centralized gambling operators. The project leverages the cutting-edge blockchain technology of XDC to foster a more transparent and equitable gaming experience.


Empowering Players with Seamless Access:

0xino introduces a user-friendly ‘plug and play’ experience, allowing players to seamlessly connect their crypto wallets and initiate gaming activities. This streamlined process mirrors the simplicity observed in decentralized exchanges and marketplaces like Uniswap and OpenSea, emphasizing enhanced user convenience.


Blockchain Transparency Redefining Online Gambling:

While the integration of blockchain elements in online gambling is not novel, 0xino distinguishes itself by ensuring that game outcomes are recorded on the blockchain, establishing a foundation of complete transparency. This approach addresses various criticisms associated with Web2 gambling, including concerns about advanced algorithms favoring the house, delayed withdrawal processes, opaque terms and conditions, and the unauthorized use of personal user data.


Overcoming Web2 Challenges:

By embracing decentralization, 0xino aims to overcome challenges prevalent in Web2 gambling. The project stands as a pioneer among a new wave of Web3 casinos developed on the DeGaming platform, prioritizing the enhancement of the player experience. The decentralized nature of 0xino ensures that data recorded on the blockchain remains pseudo-anonymous, preventing its attribution to individual players. This safeguards users from targeted advertisements and nudges, fostering a more balanced and enjoyable gaming environment.


Ambitious Roadmap for Future Development:

Looking ahead, 0xino is committed to continuous improvement and has unveiled an ambitious roadmap for the upcoming quarter. Managing Director Alan Turing expressed the team’s dedication to expanding the gaming portfolio, introducing diverse and engaging titles to the community. Emphasizing the significance of simplicity and efficiency in digital transactions, Turing highlighted ongoing efforts to streamline the process of bridging and swapping to XDC, making it more user-friendly.


Exciting Additions to Enhance User Experience:

Turing further revealed plans to inject excitement into the platform with the launch of a proprietary lottery system. This initiative aims to bring a new dimension of fun and rewards to 0xino’s user base. Turing encouraged users to stay tuned for these game-changing updates, signaling the project’s commitment to redefining the landscape of digital entertainment and financial accessibility.



As 0xino pioneers the integration of Web3 principles into online gambling, it stands poised to revolutionize the iGaming landscape. By addressing the shortcomings of traditional Web2 gambling and leveraging blockchain transparency, 0xino is not only empowering players but also setting the stage for a more inclusive and enjoyable gaming experience. The project’s ambitious roadmap underscores its commitment to ongoing innovation and user-centric enhancements.

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