Revolutionizing Logistics: Deloitte and Nexxiot Collaborate for KYX Advancement Dec 7, 2023 Dec 7, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Revolutionizing Logistics: Deloitte and Nexxiot Collaborate for KYX Advancement

Deloitte and Nexxiot, a TradeTech platform at the forefront of digitizing supply chain assets, have unveiled a strategic partnership aimed at advancing the logistics industry through KYX. This initiative is geared towards fostering global trade compliance and operational efficiency within the logistics supply chain. The collaborative effort is expected to leverage KYC/KYB credentials, intricately woven into the framework of KILT, a blockchain protocol tailored for the logistics sector.


Unveiling KYX at Polkadot Pulse 1.0: Redefining Logistics on the Web3 Platform


The official announcement of this groundbreaking partnership unfolded during the Polkadot Pulse 1.0 event, specifically during the presentation titled “KYX: FREIGHT & CARGO MEET WEB3.” Ingo Ruebe, representing KILT Protocol, along with Micha Bitterli and Werner Fontanive from Deloitte Managed Services, presented the collaborative vision. KYX aims to redefine supply chain management by accelerating processes and establishing new benchmarks for logistics services.


Synergizing KYC Services and Intelligence Technology


The collaboration hinges on the integration of Deloitte’s KYC services with Nexxiot’s cutting-edge intelligence technology and the regulatory-approved CINFONI platform. This union, under the KYX banner, is poised to yield far-reaching benefits across trade finance, banking, and insurance sectors. The use of KYC/KYB credentials, intricately embedded in the KILT framework, signifies a pivotal step towards modernizing and fortifying the logistics industry.


Innovative Blockchain Integration: Empowering Trust in the Digital Realm


In a statement capturing the essence of this transformative collaboration, Ingo Rube, the founder of KILT Protocol, expressed his belief in the innovative integration of blockchain. He emphasized that the alliance between Deloitte and Nexxiot is pioneering a paradigm shift, bringing the traditional trust inherent in real-world credentials to the digital realm. Importantly, this approach ensures data privacy, placing control firmly in the hands of the data owner. Rube envisions the collaboration fostering new business models, providing a platform for entities to build on their trust reputation. The incorporation of decentralized and open-source solutions, specifically those ‘Built on KILT,’ signifies a democratized approach, allowing entities to create blockchain-based services without the complexities of dealing with cryptocurrencies or requiring extensive blockchain expertise.


Shaping the Future: KYX as a Catalyst for Transformation


The Deloitte and Nexxiot alliance, through KYX, stands as a beacon of innovation in the logistics sector. By merging established KYC services with advanced intelligence technology and blockchain protocols, the collaborative venture is set to shape the future of supply chain management. KYX is not merely a project; it symbolizes a catalyst for transformation, laying the foundation for a logistics landscape that is efficient, compliant, and technologically empowered. As this partnership unfolds, it heralds a new era for the logistics industry, one where traditional processes seamlessly integrate with cutting-edge digital solutions to propel the sector forward into unprecedented realms of efficiency and trust.

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